Algoriddim DJay Pro now streams Apple Music

Phil Morse of Digital DJ Tips posted this a while ago today. I just checked the App Store and this new version of Djay Pro is posted.

Makes me wonder if inMusic could ever acquire Algoriddim.

The guy who owns Algoriddim used to work for Apple, hence the close partnership.

My guess is the company is likely not available for acquisition at all.

Yep. They will be the first to use Apple Vision Pro to control the app.

Edit: already old news…

Spotlight on: Developing for visionOS - Discover - Apple Developer

I reckon they probably did a deal - “Hey, we’ll make DJay Pro work on Vision Pro if you give us access to Apple Music”.

Apple benefit both ways as well, from getting DJs subscribing to Apple Music.

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Either way its pushing Djay right up the table of software to use imo. They just need to get better Hardware integration, although my unsupported Reloop Flux still works.

Im buying an Ipad Pro this year with a large storage option and im going to be migrating across to it using Djay as i think its the future.


I was even doing video stuff with DJay Pro on my phone yesterday!

I had it playing graphics even when using audio files, and doing fancy transitions between them.

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Yeah, to me its easily the most up to date and forward thinking software outside of VDJ. The phone option is perfect for vinyl gigs too, if you want to drop the odd track on DVS without carting a laptop and stand etc around.

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Good idea, 2TB version:



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Hahaha, im going 11 inch 500gb model for £1250, minus 10% teacher/education discount :wink:

It’s got me interested too.

The mixtour pro & a new ipad would be suitable for a lot of my gigs.

I think they’re announcing new iPads in the next few weeks. …& you may not have to splash out on a Pro.

I’m hoping a revised iPad Air will get a speed bump & a decent amount of storage

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So ive been following this quite carefully. The main issue with the non-pro models is the lack of 120hz. I have a 10.5 Ipad Pro now and it’ll be tough to drop down to 60hz after using this for the past 4/5 years or so.

The new ones are meant to get a massive price hike to soo i want to get in and grab an M2 one before that happens, not paying £1500 for a bloody tablet.

Can a USB SSD be connected and accessed by DJay Pro at the same time the iPad is connected to a controller?

Stu, you still using the dressing like a schoolboy to get a discount scam :rofl:

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Hahaha, well the last time I was ID was in Leeds about 3 weeks before my 39th Birthday so I potentially could actually get away with that :laughing:

But no, the joys of living with a teacher, I can get her to register to uni days :), got the full Apple pro software suite for 300 quid, Logic and Final Cut X in there plus 3 others.


Woah, didn’t expect to see this honestly!

Got the answer over on the Algoriddim forums. Yes, with certain USB hubs.

Can you can map the software to any controller?

The DJ lab has shown it working with the prime 4 but I’ve not found anyone else using it on Denon equipment, I’d defo consider getting an ipad if it could be mapped to the SC Live 4 or Prime go. It would be a great back up to have.

Yeah i think so, not something ive done myself yet but im 99% sure its possible. Do the months trial on your phone and see what you think, they offer a discounted yearly sub after the trial ends too.

I use iTunes to get my tracks but my son signed up for Apple Music streaming to try it out cause he doesn’t have a music collection. It works pretty good other than no stems. We’ve been playing with it using our iPhones on the Rane One. I gave him my Akai amx so he can use dvs on his setup.

The good thing about subscribing in the Apple ecosystem is that no credit card is required. You just have to get an Apple store gift card which is good for kids.

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Yes, if DJay hasn’t mapped it already, the process for DIY is reasonably straightforward. It doesn’t take long to set up the basics, like volume, EQ, play etc. and if you visit the Algoriddim forum, there may be someone who will share their mapping.

Where it does fall down a little with Algoriddim is that even on supported units, the onboard screens are not used - so, not on the same level as VirtualDJ.