AIFF files are not supported when exporting to MCX8000 from Engine Prime

None of the Beatgrid data, loops or cue points on AIFF filrs are available on the MCX8000 after exporting from Engine Prime. Wav and mp3 files have all the data. I have tried multiple drives, have deleted the Engine library and reinstalled Engine Prime a number if times and it is always the same. This was working during the Beta trial so it is not a hardware issue. As 99% of my tracks are AIFF this is a huge disappointment as I was looking forward to playing out without a laptop. Does this have something to do with going back to using the 1.5 library database?

Bonjour, J’ai également un problème de transfert vers la cle usb. C’est comme si les playlists ne se synchronisent pas. Ordre des morceaux, point cue, boucles… Je demande si la mise a jour windows d’octobre ne bloque ces fonctions? Merci

Hi @SimonP

This is an issue that we have recently become aware of. The problem is that while we do support AIF files, the MCX8000 has difficulty reading files created with a AIFF extension. We are working on a fix for this as quickly as we can. If you need to use these files ASAP, you can remove them from Engine Prime, change the extension from AIFF to AIF and re-add them to Engine Prime.

I hope this answers your query for the time being.

Hi @Chloe_DENONDJ thank you for your reply. Good to know you are aware of the problem and are working on a solution. I will wait rather than changing the file extension on thousands of tracks that are already prepped for Prime players and also used for Serato and record box

Hey folks,

The new software and hardware versions should fix this issue. You can get more info about the changes and download them here:

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