AIFF Bandcamp Artwork not showing

I have noticed that AIFF files bought from bandcamp don’t show artwork in Engine DJ while they do show up without issues in Rekordbox. AIFF files bought through Beatport seem to not have this problem. I have tried to add the files again several times but unfortunately the artwork does not show up. Please follow up, thanks!

Hi MartFader, please search for similar topics before creating a new one, Denon Prime gear is on the market since 2017 and issues are well known and discussed.

Hi SlayForMoney. Thanks for your reply and link to another topic. But honestly, a workaround for mp3 is kind of half (or less) the solution to ‘sort of’ the same problem with AIFF. Looks like the issue, in case of mp3, is known since early 2020. We’re now near the end of 2022, so almost three years later. A workaround using third party software on thousands of legally obtained files is not a solution. Denon should fix this.

Denon should fix a lot of things. You should not open duplicate topics about a already discussed issue.