After loading and analysis Tone Keys missing for some tracks

Engine os 3.4.0

I have mounted ssd drive I used with sc live 2 and some tracks came up red. I know I need to relocate those using engine dj on desktop.

I added some tracks from music folder to prepare folder. After loading and analysis , i added these tracks in order i wanted to named list. I got one working.

I was about to make second named list, but analysis of three tracks did not generate tone keys. One out of three tracks was supposed to go into second named list.

I tried to load and analyse just these tracks but e ery time same waveforms would come up without loading progress and no key is displayed.

I must be hitting some bug. Is there a way to reload those tracks so the key is properly generated without using desktop?

Unfortunately there’s no reanalyse on the hardware. You’d really need to run it all though the desktop application once again.