Adjusting tempo on SC5000

My beat grid isn’t working because the tempo is wrong - is there any way I can manually assess the tempo to address this on the fly?

Tapping shift in traktor worked for tempo and beat grid. I know it doesn’t work for beat grid but is there some way to manually change the tempo?




This is crazy - I’ve just started on prime and it was a breeze on Traktor to do this. Hope it gets remedied soon.

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Welcome to the Prime party

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A bunch of us is hoping… I asked about this, first time back in march 2018, which you can see in one of the connected links to the one Mufasa gave you.

So in march 2020 it has been 2 years…

The units are amazing, but Denon has struggled with the firmware - I’m sure they are doing their best… But 2 years is a long time.

If they dont want to implement it, it would be better if they just said so… :cry:


Exactly, two years is more than enough. This request could have been implemented if they wanted. If they really don’t want to implement it, please say it.

I never want to hear that!

If grid editing came to the deck would you still use engine prime?

2 years is a long time for a feature one would think should be standard. I hope denon makes an app for that on a tablet or smartphone. With wifi avail now one should ask if we even need usb sticks or sd cards to update our collections. Laptops are stone Age now.

Denon brought out future hardware and they are building up their software team. Hard power Denon has for sure but for soft power we’ll have to wait and see for the results.

I would like to think that they want to implemented it. I bet any inmusic employee who owns a prime deck is feature requesting (complaining) too.

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I’m guessing the edit function will be made available to Engine Prime. If not, EP will still be needed to sync back the beat grid edit changes to main collection.

The SC5000 was released Q1 2017, we are close to its 3rd year in the market.

And I do agree this feature should have been standard even in the Alpha stage of testing.

You should be able to edit grids and bpm either on the units or in prime. I used Traktor alot on the fly when importing new tunes. No patience to prepare and like living on the edge a little!

I’ve asked Denon directly for feedback.

Even if you were able to adjust bpm manually I could cope, then at least you’d have a way of using the loop function. I tried last night and the bpm was actually 123 (I checked and fixed it using prime) instead of 122 that the analysis told me. The loop didn’t work hence I couldn’t use the track.

Tapping bpm on shift like Traktor much better of course!

@templeg :slight_smile: You CAN edit the BPM in Engine Prime, but not on the units.

Seems like you do know this - which is why I maybe misunderstand your first sentence…