Adjusting Key and BPM manually in Engine Prime

Hello all.

Is there any way I can manually adjust multiple tracks on Engine Prime at once?

I’ve imported key data from Mixed in Key and so far I’m having to adjust the key manually, track by track, when there is an error. In ITunes to change multiple tracks at same time you highlight them, then Control +I then adjust the parameter and it changes the multiple tracks at the same time. Is there a way to do this on EP?

Also are there any key board shortcuts for changing data? A keyboard shortcut where I could update Key and BPM would be good. When the BPM is wrong it seems to be wrong by 1bpm often - does anyone else see this?

Any keyboard short cuts or ways to change multiple tracks at same time welcome!


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if they’re wrong, then 99% of the time with my house and techno tunes, the bpm is minus 1 in engine prime…very rarely its plus 1