Adjust Track Preview to Play Over Cue Mix

Is there a way to adjust Prime GO so that the “track preview” option available in the library will play over the top of whatever is currently mixed into my headphones?

Today the Prime GO stops the current playback in your headphones and plays the track preview exclusively. I don’t like this. When I preview a track, I prefer to listen to it on top of a low blend of my master to see what the songs sound like together before I load. I wish there was a way to make this an available configuration.

This can be made to happen by loading the next track into the opposite deck to the one which is playing.rather than just preview mode This way gives you full control of the track being tested, including pitch, jump, loop and so on. Rather than just play / stop .

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LOL yeah, it’s called cueing :smile:

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Preview is made to listen the track before loading it in to the deck. Only tracks loaded in to the deck can be cued over another track.

Hey Guys:

Thanks for the confirmation. I choose @NoiseRiser’s response as the solution.

@DJ_Sontag, I know how normal cueing with a second deck works. I don’t like that workflow when I’m scanning my library trying to decide if I want to test two songs together. Why? Because loading to a deck has latency - sometimes like 2000ms. Notably, all my other DJ software - Rekordbox and DJay Pro - plays the library preview over whatever is currently cueing in the headphones. I think this approach is superior as a feature. Why would I want to stop all my playback on my current decks just because I asked to preview a library song?

Anyway, my question has been answered - Playing library preview over the top of signals currently playing in your headphones is not possible with Denon Prime.

My follow-up question to the Dennon folks is “Why not make this an option?” It’s the default in other DJ software.


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As You answered yourself here this is software, not a stand alone device. That’s why You can’t do the same things.

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Follow-up request here: