Adjust tempo and save!


Is it possible to increase the tempo on a track in Engine DJ desktop software and save it at that faster speed?

I’ve got a track that has been analysed at 121 BPM with the beat grid correct, but it sounds really slow. It sounds better at 130BPM and I’d like to save it at that tempo and key rather than having to adjust each time track is loaded.

Thanks in advance for any help if possible! :+1:


no, not possible, you would need to edit the track in some kind of editing software and export it as your own version.

Yeah, just load it into a deck in your DJ software of choice, adjust tempo and key to taste, then record the output (assuming it’s not from a streaming service).

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Thanks both. I didn’t think it was possible in Engine.

Hey !

Don’t know if the following helps but …

Load your track in your machine’s deck 1 + load a second song in the deck 2, but make sure that the second one is a longer track. Press the sync function in both channels , + make deck2 the lead deck, choose your preffered speed and record the outcome …

apologise for my poor english. Best wishes.

There’s no need to load a second track or sync anything. Just load the track, increase tempo to 130 and record.

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Ohh yes, you are absolutely right, thanks PK …

I do that when I quantize variable tempo tracks, but now there’s no need for that … apologies …

Ah now that’s an interesting technique.

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Hi I do this all the time. I normally use ableton its expensive. U can use Audacity its free and u can find how to change bpm on YouTube its very easy.

If it’s just a simple tempo increase then there’s no need for Live or Audacity.

This is a brilliant idea. You never know when the pitch slider might stop working at every gig.