ADJ Stinger II - any advice on linking it with Engine Lighting

I’m having difficulty with my ADJ Stinger II and Engine DJ. I’m fairly new to SoundSwitch, but I’ve used the software to create attribute cues for the different Stinger features and I have other lights all set up and working correctly. Having exported my project to use with Engine DJ, I can control the other fixtures, but nothing is working in relation to the Stinger. It doesn’t seem to be recognised. Is there any guidance out there for this or similar fixtures that require the use of attributes? Much appreciated.

I am having the same problem. I thought that because the Stinger II was listed in the SoundSwitch library it would work but nothing works. I found I could get autoloops to work by selecting the Moonflower fixture but no real UV control

Hi @Bryan_Jackson. I might be able to help with this. I got things figured out so my Stinger is working. Have you explored “Attribute Cues”?

With the Stinger and other multi-function lights, most of the ‘non-standard’ features use Attribute Cues in SoundSwitch. On the Stinger, everything apart from the Moonflower uses Attribute Cues (and I think even that needs cues to rotate the LEDs).

It was a bit of a learning curve. To start with and keep it a bit less complicated, I suggest setting up the Stinger II in the DMX as a “Default” fixture in Mode 2, 9 channel mode.

Then set a bunch of attribute cues for the effects, like lasers and LED rotation.

With the Stinger connected in your SoundSwitch project, so you can see the effect of changing the sliders and set them in the sliders for your fixture. You might want to make notes of the numbers for each effect - it’s quite a process for all the features.

To get all of your Stinger features working, you’ll have to add quite a lot of attribute cues, but I think to start with keep it simple and dont add too many. Some people have suggested it’s alo useful to add cues to turn off movement and lasers as well, and I think that’s good advice.

Once you’ve set some up, you should start to see them appear as little flags in your auto-loops and auto-scripts. And of course you can use them when you manually script loops etc.

With this default fixure setting, there doesn’t seem to be an ability to control the UVs, though I can manually control one UV in Engine Lighting. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can control the more advanced features in Engine and I expect that’s the case for other more complex fixtures. But they do work as part of the auto-loops and for scripted tracks.

For fuller control of all the possible features including UV, you’ll need more attribute cues and these are available if you set the Stinger up differently. Set it up as an Attributes, Mode 2, channel 9 fixture.

My final piece of advice is to start a new project from scratch, just in case any of the playing around you’ve done so far is somehow more of a hinderance than a help.

Here’s the official guide to using Attribute Cues:

Hope that helps, but give me a shout if not.