Adding song to Collection sometimes resets the position to the top


  1. Sort Main collection by BPM
  2. Scroll through the list and drag and drop songs into open collections in the left panel

Expected behavior: Main collection position remains unchanged (or it pins the dragged song to the top - which it does most of the time), so I can keep scrolling down and looking for more songs to organize

Actual behavior: 1 times out 5 (sometimes worse), it resets the position of the main collection to the top, forcing me to scroll to find the song I was just previewing, this makes it very difficult to sort my collections. Also the inconsistency smells like a bug somewhere.

Also, on a slightly separate note, I noticed if I drag and hold, the collections open up and replace the main list, so I can add the song where I like. This is great, but how do I return to where I was in the main collection? Clicking on Collection puts me at the top again… Maybe the main collection should always remain where it was before dragging and dropping, feels much more intuitive - or this could be a useful option.

The video attached shows how the first 5 times it works correctly, but the last time it goes up to the top of the list.

Engine DJ 2.2.0



I have the same problem when I go through my library to build playlists. It is a really irritation thing when it jumps back up to the first song in the collection and you have to scroll down again.

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Unfortunately, I have the same issue. Thought it was just me not using it properly.

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@Tom_Soccocio no your not the only one . It can be a right pain when you making large playlists (old style crates) or putting a set of say 30 discs into a playlist

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Same issue here too on Mac Mini M1 Running Big Sur.

I just bought a brand new Mixstream Pro and I’m pretty mad this has been a reported issue since around November of 2021. :rage:

Any workarounds? I tried the suggestion of loading a song into the deck up top but it didn’t work.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Please fix this! It’s slightly maddening.