Adding a few new tracks to the SSD

Can someone advise me please i think i must be missing something.

When i want to add a couple of new tracks my workflow is currently…

Add to iTunes as my base/backup database of music. put them in playlists usually my “Current” playlist or if i get a new “Party” song it goes into "party’ playlist.

Update iTunes in engine prime. (this is the first issue as it seems to re-import everything, all 20k song then all 20k artwork, it takes ages)

Connect the Prime 4 and click the update button on the SSD device column to import any changes i made on the prime 4 such as playlist order.

drag the new tracks into the main music file, then into the relevant crates (which incidentally are exactly the same as the playlists but in a non moveable list…don’t need the crates but seems to be obligatory)

Is there a better or quicker way to import just a couple of tracks and update the various databases… I Tunes, Engine and Prime 4 SSD ?

I have read the various Denon help guide and watched the vids but to no avail.

By the way had my first weekend of gigs with it this week, fantastic tool, a couple of tiny tweaks required from my part in settings but very very happy.

I have a folder on my desktop that I add new tracks to. I add these tracks to the relevant crate in engine, when I connect the Prime 4 I simply drag that crate to the P4 this will overwrite the existing one and add your new tracks it’s a 2 minute process and eliminates the need to refresh the iTunes library etc which can take a long time

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^^^^^ Exactly what I was about to write! I do this, easiest way by far.

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Thanks I’m guessing you add them to iTunes as normal but don’t update iTunes into engine prime every time.

all of my track automatically add to iTunes. Instead of purposely adding them to iTunes however, I add them to a folder on my desktop and from there add them to the desired crate in engine prime. I don’t use iTunes to update the prime crates at all anymore.

Thanks for the tip. I was about to ask the same question as how best to ‘sync’ any additional purchased songs in my main Engine Prime ‘collection’ over to the SSD drive on the P4 (other than tying to remember every new tune I’ve bought and which crate I put them in since the last SSD update!).

I’d have thought there might be a sync option to copy over any new songs in your collection/crates when you connect your laptop to the P4.

This work around works for me. Just got to remember to put every new tune into a folder (as well as popping it in iTunes and copying to Engine Prime!).


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