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Is there a preferred method for adding songs to a USB drive? Should I just drop all the song files onto my USB then load into Engine Prime? I noticed that if I dropped the songs into the usb THROUGH engine, the drive would create subfolders each track (artist, album title folders etc).

I was curious if one was better than the other. Thanks for your guys’ help!

Best what you can do is drag and drop the tracks to Engine Prime on Your computer. Let it analyse the the tracks. Than insert the usb to the computer, drag and drop the complete crate or playlist in engine prime to the usb drive directory. Search will be easier and loading time will be way faster and better organised on the decks after this. While exporting to the usb drive Engine packs everything in to specific folders and creates data base on the usb drive with all the info and track indexing. That creates a specific folder and file structure on that usb deive.

My issue with that is then when I plug in my usb drive I will see double track information…

That is because Engine shows the complete music collection added to the program - on Your computer and on Your USB drive. On the right side you can find a column with DRIVE information - this shows the location of the tracks.

If you want to avoid this problem, you can remove your USB stick (using the eject command in Engine Prime first). This way you will only see the tracks you have on your computer within the main collection.

You can drag and drop your songs to the usb drive inside Engine Prime.

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Just don’t have your main (untouched) tracks and analysed tracks on same usb drive plugged in the players.

Analyse your main tracks on a Pc or Mac (keep here) and use the usb drive solely for the players after exporting via engine prime.

Don’t use the drive for anything else. Get a dedicated drive for DJing. When you want to change the collection on drive just rinse and repeat.

It’s one or the other. Untouched tracks for players to analyse or grid through Engine Prime for an easier ride.

Not both on same drive.

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Oh shoot. So if I drag and drop from engine prime on pc into a USB, then make song edits on the player, they wont save and transfer over to pc when I plug it back it will it

Don’t drag it to the windows file explorer, keep all the export operations inside the Engine prime. There is a usb drive window if You view your drives in Engine. Drop Your playlist and crates there.


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