Add other colors to the waveform

I think with just the 3 colours of the present waveform is really hard to figure out quickly the different frequencies that compose the song. Why don’t use a multicolor waveform like the one in traktor, where is really easy to see right away where are the vocal parts, where the tops go quiet, where the base bangs etc… This make the job a lot easier especially if the song is new or we haven’t done any preparation on it. I propose to add other colours to the waveform to differentiate more efficiently the various frequencies.


This was requested for the 5000s and Engine Prime as well.


I also love the full-spectrum color waveforms in Traktor.


Happy 21st !!!

This feels like the 21st separate duplicate topic that’s been set up asking for a zillion different undistinguishable colours in the waveform.

It takes ‘y sc5000s about 5 seconds per minute of play time of a track to analyse in 3 colours , so about 25 seconds for an average track. It’s logical to say that splitting a track into more frequency splits and rendering a waveform of that many colours takes longer so, who’d want 6 colour waveforms if the analyse time per track became a minute? Who’s want 12 colour waveforms if the analyse takes 2 minutes? 24 color waveforms and the analysis could be down to real time only. Just guessing that the more color splits the longer the analysis time

Can the original posters of all these 4, 6, 12, 100 million color waveforms merge or delete Thor topics leaving us with jistvthr original one?

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don´t critic on more colors - because, you dont have to use them.

all the feature requests should be optional preferences.

if turned on - okay - the people they want multicolor have to wait loger …

if turned off … nothing changes for you.

I think everybody should have a chance to get, what they need to have to work. and if denon says nope - then it is so.

only suggestions - not must haves.

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By “add” do you mean change the colors or have four, five, six, or 16 million colors on the waveforms?

just some more colors, so would be easy to spot right away the vocal parts and the parts only hats/only bass… ex in traktor is so easy, you know right away where to look for a loop even if you don’t know or remember the song. since is been done well for traktor I don’t think it can be so difficult to be done for Prime as well, despite what that guy above says, it’s a 1200€ 3d millennium machine, not a crappy commodore 64, so that calculation will not affect too much the analysing speed… anyway, when you are playing them, usually the tracks have been already analysed, so is just a matter of display.

the unknown should not be play until known