Active Loops when importing rekordbox library

Hey everyone, i have a question about using rekordbox as my main library management tool but creating usb sticks via engine desktop. When i import lets say a playlist done in rekordbox where all the tracks have hot cues and active loops, then sync that with engine desktop and lastly export to usb for use with my sc6000s, the loops are being recognized but the checkmark is not set to active. So the loops wont automatically trigger during playback. Please tell me i dont have to manually activate each active loop in engine before exporting. Theres gotta be a way to do this during export right? Lexicon is not an option as i dont want to subscribe to their service for jsut managing basic playlists… Thankd for all suggestions

Why are you involving Rekordbox? If you set the cues and loops in Engine, are they active when exported? If so it could be a translation issue, as Rekordbox is not designed for use with Denon products.

The import options provided by Engine are really just for first time import of a collection when you move over from a previous software to Engine.

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Thanks for your answer. I understand your point about rekordbox but i also play on pioneer equipment every now and then and generally find the workflow of preparing music more intuitive in rekordbox. Probably just muscle memory but still, ideally i would like to keep it this way.

Do the loops function as required when setting them in Engine DJ?

What about if you go directly from Rekordbox to the SC6000s?

Loops function normally when done in engine. Going straight from RB via export doesnt export any loops at all. What a bummer…

Edit: I actually used Lexicon for this job and it worked well. Guess I’m just gonna have to get used to doing all my prep work in Engine

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