Activate & Jump to Loop Start

Feels like this is a standard feature on all other DJ software. Apologies if I’m mistaken.

Can we get the option to have cue buttons (in loop mode) both activate the loop and jump to the loop start at the same time?


That’s how it works on my SC5000’s, you hit a saved loop and it’ll jump to the start of the loop (like a cue button) and activate the loop at the same time. Is that not how it works on the go?

That is how it works now, I’d much rather have it like Serato tbh, where you can trigger it in advance and when it arrives it drops into the loop.

On the Prime Go, it behaves as @yeltsin describes, where it ‘activates the loop’ but does not jump the playhead to the start of the loop. Interesting that the SC5000 behaves differently.

I think this may be a matter of the limited amount of buttons on the Go, but certainly there could be a way to add a setting such as “Loop Enable Jumps Playhead”

Wow wanna trade? I’d rather have it the way it functions on the GO tbh. Hm, well given that Denon programmed it both ways, hopefully they’ll add it as a setting inside your preferences.

EDIT: actually what might be better is if they allow you to do both at the same time. I.e. tapping the loop on the touch screen will enable/disable and hitting the performance pad will activate & jump to the loop.

It used to be this way in the SC, it got taken off on 1.2 firmware, or something like that

How come there haven’t been any Prime updates since 1.3.4 almost a year ago? Am I on the wrong page? Updates & Release Notes | Denon DJ

EDIT: I am running 1.5.1 (the latest), but it looks like the official release page only lists 1.3.4

That page doesn’t appear to be kept up to date. The most recent updates can be found here: Software downloads, manuals and documentation - Denon DJ

Holy smokes, it looks like they added it in v1.6: Engine 1.6 Additional Features | PRIME 4 Track Preview, Trigger Loops and more - YouTube

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