Activate cue loop and saved loop modes

Hi all, it my first time with a denon mixer… but even after reading user guide I am not able to activate “cue loop” → button should light green as well as activating “saved loop” mode.

Is there a crazy key combination to be pressed ??? Firmware is updated to version 2.5 (latest available)

Tanks for tipps!

Hello, it’s simple, when you give the cue button a second tap it goes into cue loop mode (green) and giving a second tap to the rool button it goes into saved loop mode (yellow) to play again, watch out this is on serato , in virtualDj it is similar, in autonomous mode this does not work


Hi, yes, in autonomous mode most of the features do not work. This frustrates me really because denon advertises this mcx8000 as a fully featured stand alone mixer. And most of the youtubers hide, that they use serato software or engine software.

So, that means: if I only have a mp3-song on usb-stick with the mcx8000 integrated engine

  • cannot analyse a song by itself
  • cannot use loops (read from meta data stored on usb-stick)
  • cannot set a loop to beatgrid (because there is no beat grid analysis) Am I right? All these features are only useable if a laptop is connected with engine software or serator software?

So that means: if I only have an mp3 song on a USB stick with the mcx8000 built in engine, I cannot analyze a song by itself


loops cannot be used (read from metadata stored on a USB stick)


Unable to loop on beatgrid (because there is no beatgrrid analysis) Am I right?

If you analyzed it before in engine with a pc and then exported it to a usb then yes

All these features can only be used if a laptop is connected with the engine software or the serator software.

The mcx8000 is a controller that can be used autonomously unlike the prime 4, for example, it is an autonomous equipment that can be used as a controller, it is an important clarification that denon does not do, that said

If you analyze your tracks with engine and then export it to a USB you can use the cue, the roll and the slicer in autonomous mode and you can create loops, the loops saved from serato are not imported