Access the whole engine library with the SC6000 prime via ethernet

Hi I would like to know if there is a possibility to access the whole engine library with the SC6000 prime via ethernet as it is possible via wifi. Here the downloading of the individual songs takes far too long, which can be avoided with the connection via ethernet

It’s in the manual.

Install an SSD in your SC6000 and export your whole library to it?

I don’t think the wifi computer access was ever implemented as the primary method of DJing, it’s more a backup to grab tracks you haven’t synced.

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By connecting to the library on my laptop, I would have far more options for searching and finding titles in my entire collection. This would help me a lot during long live sets or when preparing

Can you not do all that on the device though? especially with the latest update that allows not only match, but direct playlist searching too.

You can also connect a bluetooth keyboard to the player for easier typing.

I have not yet tested the new update. If the search works much easier there and I can search the whole collection directly and create new playlists directly on the players, that would be really cool.

You can create playlists if i recall, but they dont sync back to the desktop software if you have done them on the players. There is likely a feature request for that which you can vote on.

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It’s in the manual on pg 53.


heh - ethernet is only 100Mbps.