Ableton Push 3 Upgrade Kit - great concept

I think the Ableton Push 3 hardware with the ability to buy first a “only” controller with the option to upgrade to standalone is a great concept.

Consider instead of SC6000 / LC6000 Denon DJ would offer one device with the option to upgrade from controller to standalone at a later time. On top of this, the possibility to to have some kind of modular system to switch between a SC6000 (JOG) and SC6000M (Motorised Platter) would be even more awesome. Of course same could apply for Prime 4.

Ok, it would require that Engine DJ will become a full functional DJ software first.

For me it sounds like something attractive, what do you think ? Let’s dream :slight_smile:

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It think you missed the point of the original appeal of the Denon Prime SC ecosystem.

Not sure what you mean with this ? I assume it was to have standalone gear.

As this is a cool concept on paper, it introduces a lot of issues in real world.

  1. Software wise - not all components (after some time) will have same software, and there could be compatibility issues or other software related problems - users swapping components around, but when comes to fault - they will blame the manufacturer.
  2. Tinkering with the devices that are on rental or in te clubs can lead to inconsistencies between units, making guest dj performance very problematic or impossible completely - users will blame the brand for it.
  3. Poorly fitted components by non-authorized or semi-smart person can lead to product damage - users will blame the maker.
  4. All issues will lead to massive overload of the already pressured customer support system and service - bad image for the company for long times to get the product fixed, or get support or even have to pay for the fix.

I think, inMusic can focus their resources on more useful things at this moment.

This is only OK for a device that is personal, and will not be ever used by more than 1 max 2 users. For club standard devices - this is a no go.

in theory, it’s WiFi, so it would work perfectly synchronized with the prime 4, although I can’t be sure, since I don’t have it

Yes. Right now all Denon products are standalone gear and with the numark mixstream pro we are one step closer to have standalone controllers in every price range.

I also see the massive failure rates between modular components. Especially in a more professional environment a closed systems like cdjs or sc6000 probably have more reliability. Also modular systems eventually cost more even if you have the same functions like a prime 4

The Akai Force is their version of a standalone production suite. A few forum members have them on here.

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Didn’t know there was Push 3.

I love it. As a push 2 user, it is what we were expected for a long time. A Killer without doubt

The possibility to upgrade the cpu at a later time sounds great but like already said in a high professional environment the device had already his best times before upgrading has to be considered.

I would see this more like for mid or entry range. Consider instead of paying 1k or 1.5k for a standalone controller you could start your Denon DJ journey with investing less but you get the option to upgrade at a later time to standalone.

For privat and up to mid range I see it as a good idea + companies can profit from hardware upgrades and maybe better for the environment. :slight_smile:

Push 3 standalone ordered here and hopefully on the way soon.

I have a Push 2 already, so I’m familiar with how it works. Being able to use the new improved warping on a standalone device will be amazing. Also the ability to move files to and fro between Push 3 and Live software. I have so many little ideas that I’ve started in Live and not finished. Having them on the 3 standalone should help encourage me. Plus of course it has Link so will sync with my Prime 4 :slight_smile: