Ableton Link "Slave Mode"

Hi there,

today i try Ableton Link for the first time with my DMX Controller. Its a great feature but i miss some function.

Its possible to sync ableton from the actually playing deck without press the sync-button ? Everytime i use this the first Deck, its work well, when i playing the second song from the next deck it takes the bpm from ableton.

My idea is that Ableton Link only takes the bpm values from the deck that is currently playing, or from the deck where the fader is up and the song is playing. Decks are Master and Ableton is Slave.

Every deck can change the tempo in ableton link. That’s how it’s designed.

Once a player/app connects to a link session everything, it will automatically sync to the current session tempo.

u r right.


If I manually (without sync button) adjust the speed of the second song to the first, and then slow down the second song again, the bpm remains at the value of the first.

If I now press sync on the second song, it takes on the speed that was previously set. In addition, the song is then adjusted so quickly that the beat jumps and it sounds strange.

It would be better if the decks did not automatically adapt to the beat of Ableton, but if Ableton always adapted to the current playing deck.

Maybe as an option that you can switch on in the menu.

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Hi Djchrisfade …I went through the same hassle like you when I tried to sync my P4 with Daslight ( using ableton as Link2MidiClock Converter) Answer to your question: This does not work. Decks on P4 use ableton link only when in sync mode. The issue: once you have switched of sync on your decks, ableton will become the Tempo master! If you then switch on sync on your deck it‘s tempo will be overwritten by the external master tempo of ableton. Bad idea if your DJ set has moved on a few tracks and abletons tempo is not your current bpm…. BUT I just came across a new function „ableton tempo Follower“ which seems to be available since v11….maybe this might be your solution?!

This could be a solution. But it has to be implemented by Denon first.

Well…I understood that ableton is analysing incomming audio on the fly (i.e. no digital tempo information) and generates the current tempo on the fly. So no Denon Implementation needed but indeed an audio split Signal for ableton (Booth out?) …at least that is what I understood from their Manuals. Maybe you ready it yourself to check…

this is my understanding as well…and it has nothing to do per se with ableton link.