Ability to switch off all automatic activated loops and then return to previous state

Automatic activated loops are big thing for performance mixing, it really helps to make the homework shine in live. Automatic activated loops also help when the tracks tend to be too short. BUT sometimes, depending on the situation, I have to leave the gear in continuous mode so people can listen some music while I’m away. It is really terrible when a automaticly activated loop kicks in this situation. I wish there was a way to switch off all the automatic activated loops in all the music and then when I return to the booth, I could switch it back to the previous state: some saved loops are automaticly triggering and some are not -just as it was before. Nice if this feature was to be in reach of couple of screen swipes.

This new ability would help lot’s of DJ-s that deal with various situations, but also in their own home environment. I don’t think there are work-arounds and I’m not familiar with existing products that have this feature.

In that case you can use the “Play as playlist” function and your tracks will go in automatic sequence and even have an overlapping part. That way the autoloops will not be activated. It is made for that purpose.

Instead, the “continue” function should only be used when you are at the console but the end of the track accidentally arrives and you don’t want to leave the silence.


DjAJ, thanks for the reply. I was kind of afraid someone would propose this as solution. So for me when returning to the booth, this means mostly an extra step of searching for that same track and loading it - because I do like to manipulate them before mixing them with new track. With “Play as playlist” option, yes EQ can be manipulated, thankfully, but the cues, loops and beat-jumps are missing. I probably have to be satisfied with this option right now. __I guess I’m rather trying to recall situations with my old cd-players setup when walking randomly to them, I could maipulate without any extra step. Like my hearing of the track is SET, but then starting to search for the same track and load it - why? I’m a creature of habit I guess.

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