A question about the cue in Prime4/Engine Prime

Hello again!

I’m here with another question about Prime 4!

Is there any way to visualize cues in Prime 4 as they look in Engine Prime?

That is to say, above the waveform, in Engine Prime the numbered cues appear and with the edition that each one makes, I leave a capture for more info!

Honestly I don’t understand your request: I’ve read it several times, I’ve seen the image several times.

If in Engine Prime (ie on the PC) I set some hotcues and I enter a name for them (for example DROP), when I then view that track on the Prime 4 display I will see “DROP” in the point of the track where I have fixed the hotcue . Then it will move with the track until it disappears.

The display of the hotcues on the Prime 4 display is different from what you can see on a SC5000 / 6000: in fact, in them you can also see the 8 hotcues drawn with their name and number even if the large part of the track does not show the position with those hotcues. Maybe that’s what you ask?

I would like it to be viewed as in the PC version of Engine Prime, since that way you know everything related to the track just with a simple glance, instead of having to reach the CUE to know it.

I mix in a very particular way and that way of seeing the cues would be perfect, not only for me, but for a lot more people.

So you would like to see the icon of all 8 hotcues with their associated name and color? Try to see what the SC5000 and SC6000 displays show, so you can see if they have what you are asking for.

Exactly DjAj, I would like the cues to look the same as in the SC6000, with the color of the cue and its name.

I don’t think Denon would have a hard time implementing it on Prime 4. Captura de pantalla 2021-01-26 a las 9.05.06

Everyone says “it doesn’t take long to implement a feature”, but we don’t really know what’s behind the Engine OS software. Even the simple display of a clock in the corner of the display (as some guys asked years ago) is simple to implement, but this hasn’t been done yet.

Returning to your request, yes I like this idea too. But you have to consider that the same display used in the SC6000 has much more space available than when used in Prime 4, only because the 6000 must display the information of a single track, while in P4 it must display information for 2 or even 4 tracks. Try to think how confusing it would be to display 8 cues for only 2 tracks at the same time, how much space would it use.

To get around this limitation, I have adopted this system: I always assign the same color for the same type of cue. For example the DROP is always a red hotcue, the INTRO is yellow, the outro is BLUE and so on.

I would not care if it looked a little smaller in landscape mode, the fact is that it would be good for everyone.

I don’t mark the tracks with “drop” "outtro and other words, I mark the tracks in my own way, for example: 2 PRINCIPLE, which means 2 series of 32 beats (64 in total)

If the song has voices (not vocal) I mark it as 3 VOICES, when it has a powerful synth I put 4 ROLL etc …

I am not guided by colors. nor other names.

I have created the request in the corresponding subforum.

See the cues with their name in the full wave of the track. - SMART CONSOLES / Feature Requests - Official Denon DJ Forum

Ok, so it’s best to continue the discussion in one place.

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