"A Database on Macintosh HD is Incompatible"


I recently update to v3.0.0 on my Mac and SC5000 decks. Today I have tried to open Engine DJ on my Mac and I am getting the following message;

The database on this drive was created in a newer Engine DJ version, and can’t be updated. Please update to the latest version of Engine DJ to proceed.

I am definitely on the newest version. Does anyone know what the issue might be here?



Have you ever used Lexicon to manage your library?

If you have, update to the latest version and open it.

More info here: Engine DJ v3.0.0 Database issues when using third-party tools (Lexicon, De Cu) - #126 by TJDJ

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Thanks for the response. I haven’t as far as I am aware. I’m not actually familiar with Lexicon at all.

Probably a silly question but is Lexicon anything to do with Engine DJ or is it a separate piece of software altogether?



Just reading up on Lexicon now and I definitely have never used it/downloaded it.



The only thing I have done recently which I have never done before I connect my Mac to my SC5000 decks. I did this the other day for the first time and loaded a track onto my deck from the laptop. Could this have anything to do with it?




It shouldn’t do that but if there’s been a glitch when it migrated the database on one of the devices then it could have done something funky. In V3.0.0 it updated the database used on each player, including the desktop software. If one hasn’t done it properly or was interrupted then I guess this is the outcome.

Maybe worth contacting support or if someone can jump in like @Boka who lent some great help to others having strange behaviour.

It could be one of your databases, either the one on your Prime hardware or computer.

Thanks for the help man. Just going to reboot the firmware on both SC5000s now to see if that does anything :crossed_fingers:

Did you do this with the USB or Ethernet?

My guess is the database on your Mac isn’t playing ball. Can you restore your backup? You create a backup once a week. This should hopefully be in tact.

Maybe make a copy so you have another clean backup, then restore this backup and see if it helps.

Maybe the initial migration didn’t complete (it could take time). By restoring it you will get another shot at it.

Definitely backup both your main and your backup again. You’ve got both to put back should you need it.

Hey man, thanks for this.

How do I restore a back-up if I can’t open Engine DJ as it closes every time that message comes up?



And sorry I forgot to say, I connected via the ethernet cable.



Sorry for the delays. My satellite internet cuts out as I’m in the ocean on a ship.

If you navigate to your music folder you’ll see your Engine Library folder. Look underneath this and make a copy of the folder named “engine library backup” by right clicking and selecting duplicate. I’d do this as it’s your only clean backup.


Rename your Engine Library folder (not the backup) by adding a something like the word OLD at the end (eg: Engine Library OLD).

Now take the folder labeled Engine Library Backup snd delete the word “Backup” from it. This will now turn the version that was the backup into the one that Engine looks for when it opens.

What you’re doing is swapping the backup for the main one by renaming it. Engine will always look for the one labeled Engine Library and ignore anything else.

When engine opens back up it will use this.

I suggested making a copy as you can always go back by putting the file names back to how they were (as long as it’s exactly how it was before you renamed it).