A Capella beat grid issues

Hi. I am new to the world of beat grids and am having issues with some of the a Capellas I have. They seem to have saved at half speed. When I try to use them they end up double their actual speed. Is there something I am doing wrong

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Check Your beat grid in Engine prime first. If they are double or half the original speed, use beat grid adjust tools to fix it. Then export to USB drive to use with prime players or prime 2/4/go.

In general acapellaas are the hardest music type to grid. If it’s a pure acapella (=100% from the original) it helps to grid the original audio track first and use that as a blueprint to set the grid on the acapella. I usually use an 808 loop (percussion only) or a random deephouse (instrumental only) track in the same key/bpm range to grid acapella’s.

Most “diy” acapellaas have drifting bpm (=dynamic beatgrid) which is not supported by Engine Prime. In that case “fix” the acapella first in a DAW so it gets a static grid (but that most likely kills the groove out of the acapella).

If you are new to correcting beat grids I advise starting more simple. Recently produced house first, then some top 40 tracks then the more complex stuff such as 70/80s disco/funk/sould and acapellas.

Engine Prime is not best known for it’s beat grid editing capabilities the current versionis is fairly limited. The “warping” technique used can cause audio distortions. I explain how that all works in this tutorial: Beatgrids: What they are, how they work. And how it is implemented in the Denon Prime ecosystem.

It’s easy to grid acapellas just use metronome. If it has drifting tempo You can warp it in almost any daw.

@NoiseRiser & @MixMasterG_ATGR.nl Is there any guide / video or “how to work around” out there that explains the process in detail how mess with acapella tracks and how to sync them during performance ?

Best Angel

Well, This is very up to Your taste, music selection, what is the effect You want to get… There is no one and only way to do it. This also depends on Your style of mixing.

Yes i know, i am talking about acapella tracks to static drumbeat (Eg 125 bpm) allingment, maybe using a DAW or so

I wrote that already, If You want to check the bpm of acapella, use a metronome. Check what tempo fits the vocals by ear. If it’s good, You can write down the bpm for that acapella.

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Lol ok! I got it, i thought you were proposing a more automated solution :slight_smile: This is how we were mixing acapellas with vinyl. By ear, pitch control and when it fits put it live :smiley:

That works the best.

@AngelDee Unfortunately our beloved Engine Prime doesn’t have a built-in metronome. :thinking: :cry: :scream: :confounded:

So Reese made this right request: LINK (Cast your vote :heart:)

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I know. But any DAW has. My vote was there a long time ago…

@NoiseRiser I know you definitely voted. I was talking to AngelDee. :+1: