7000 speeding up songs or changing key?

Have been using 7000 for a year now with no issues. Tonight, it is speeding up songs, or changing their key. Usually randomly during the song, sometimes at the beginning, some times for the whole song. Is this a controller issue or a VDJ8 issue? Thanks

I’ve just switched from OSX to Windows and having the same issue. I suspect its the Windows 10 driver, because the unit works fine on OSX. If I adjust the latency in the MC7000 control panel, its works again briefly then has an issue again.

@Grimmy have you had any response from DenonDJ? I’ve logged three support requests and posted on the forums and had no replies

No response from Denon. I’ve gone on the Ottawa DJ forum and they told me just to turn off the pitch match function under the options. But it still seems to be doing it on a regular basis. No idea why