66% good news

After a seemingly long time my dealer has sent me my x1800 last week on its own and one of my two orders prime sc5000.

He’s got no date to give me on the other sc5000 but he hopes it will be October still.

I’ve had a few mishaps and mistakes mixing between the two layers on the one deck bit that’s just me being new to layers. So I’m looking forward to the other sc5000 arriving soon.

They did offer me two sc6000 instead for more money each but I prefer the scale and proportion of the 5000. Im not especially driven by massive wave displays tbh and happy to keep external usb drives

Ok then, back to some layer to layer mixing

I would have at least tried one SC6000 as well if I were you, just to compare in real life. :wink:

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I really agree. I did try one in a store when it had a denon demo day with a “frank” from denon DJ there.

To be honest, I feel that platters on gear for me are a huge amount of the surface space completely wasted for me. That’s just for me though. I know that some DJs still scratch and want or need every cm of platter area to mimic a 12 inch single record.

But I don’t, scratch or beat juggle or any of that. I just cue and I don’t need the 6000s “helipad” to do just cueing l

And as I like to move my hard drives to gigs and to the house and back, and back them up multiple times, I don’t need internal drive bays - so that left the bigger screen on the 6000 and I felt it was toooo big.

So if denon start leaving the 5000 behind on firmware now and start bringing out all sorts of “for larger screen models only” updates, I’m going to be hashed

I know what you mean as I have two SC5000’s here also. I don’t scratch either, but I do use the platter as cue and play of a track. The large screen is to accommodate more info, but the 7-inch could display that same info easy but smaller.

Personally: When you put the 5000 next to the 6000, the latter is simply nicer in color-tone and general feel (jog/buttons/screen).

So if you have the option to use them both, I would certainly give it a try.

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I think some would want this still image


No no, surely that should be called the SC6000 Tour?



Wasn’t my pic or suggested model text numbering.

I found that pic on these forums when I was researching into which primes to buy

OK, I’m not criticising you. You made a funny post, so I made a funny comment.

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