6000 MK2 with Traktor

the MK1 was designed for and worked well with traktor I owned one in the past but sold it. I am considering a MK2. My questions is does the MK2 work the same as the MK1 with traktor? With the MK2 designed for serato i am thinking there are some traktor Functionality that was lost?


Yes there are small changes but nothing major, I’ve got both models and they are fine with traktor

Have mine working with Traktor fine, rarely use serato. Works very well.

Is the platter control with traktor the same with MK1 vs MK2?

What about LEDs? do the function? I thought read somewhere the LED do not work with Traktor on MK2?


Not sure if it’s the same, but with good mapping, it can be very functional. Again with good mapping, the LED’s work fine.

What mapping do you recommend to use with the latest version of traktor 2.11. ?

Don’t know what all mappings are available tbh, I just made my own to suit what I needed. It’s quite a rewarding task, but does take some time.


i been trying out Jay Mapper really like it but i notice for some reason the cue but (the one next to the play ) sometimes stop working. Its like its trying to set cue point vs play it. kinds like the the platter is moving and not allowing it to set the cue point.

Anyone experience this? It seem to happen after i do some back spin or a ton of platter movements.

Try lowering the jogwheel sensitivity in settings.