6 Channel Mixer

Would there be interest in creating a 6 channel mixer similar to the V10? Given the SC6000s dual layer ability and the resurgence in vinyl I personally would love the ability to have my two SC6000s and two 1210s plugged into the mixer.

I’ve currently got a Rane MP2015 which allows 5 channels. I love this mixer and the sound it produces as well as the control with the filters and isolater but have been missing the faders recently especially when mixing on the media players when transitioning mixes is so much faster.

I personally think the V10 has everything (sound quality, 4 band eqs, amazing filters, 6 channels, multiple parameters for effects, routing options, isolater, and would love Denon to come out with something similar. It is aimed at house and techno DJs and obviously very expensive. This type of mixer may not be in Denon’s business strategy plan quite yet, but in order to get clubs to move away from Pioneer I think Denon needs to up it’s mixer game and not just focus on the media players which are great.

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I’m not arguing about the quality of that mixer, I think Denon should offer something similar, if only to make the decision of club establishments harder.

You can do the 1210s and SC6000s though, I have exactly that set up (but with the 5s), just use the digital outs for the SCs and the phono for the 1210s. You just simply flick the channel input whenever you move from deck to deck. This should work, unless you are planning on doing any 6 deck mixing!!!

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I love this idea, if only because I deeply covet the V10 and I’d love to see more folks play in that space. A proper return channel path would be a dream!

That’s interesting. Currently I have to switch the input at the back of the mixer from sp to ph rather than twist it at the top. So it’s quite hard to reach at times.

I do use the 5 channels quite often and generally always have 2 going at once using the 3rd to mix in new tracks. I buy sample packs and vocals to play over the top of tunes as well. I agree though 6 or 5 going all at once is generally is never going to sound great but for some reason whenever I want to play a vinyl it’s always plugged into the channel I’ve currently got looped… I also find with the rotary when you’ve got loops going and tracks playing on all channels it’s quite hard to see which channels are actually playing when it’s lit up like a Christmas tree!

I looked into the Allen and heath Xone mixer but it doesn’t look like you can use the send and return channels as audio channels like you can on the rane mp 2015

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