5000 Glitched During Gig

Today one of my 5000s started glitching. Attached are 2 videos of it. Upon restart, it fixed itself.



I can’t even keep track of how many times these things have glitched on me… oh wait actually I can. At first glance, I have documented 14 videos of various glitches (and that’s just what I’ve uploaded to my computer). It’s honestly a joke at this point, can’t make this ■■■■ up.

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Are you getting your music from authorised sites? Is it the right file format? Has it been analysed in Engine to check for corruption?

Are you using the players outside in the rain? Do you not have them covered?


Im thinking it’s something local to the one user too, rather than anything to do with 5000s in general

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Here here. Well said nitebeatz. I’m reckoning it’s bad headers in mp3s or otherwise library issues. As are most of the library issues people report as errors. Go through library analyse the whole lot and DELETE any red tracks. Them load each and every track in engine. Again selete any that throw a “fail to load” splash

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@kradcliffe . :rofl::joy::joy::rofl:. No not al all. I’m me and I’m 100% unique.

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That is a popular dj pool.


OUCH… … Good spot ( that will be pirate bay then :joy::joy::rofl::joy::thinking::thinking::thinking::kissing::kissing:)@STU-C . That will be dodgy or crap mp3 headers. (@djbertie For future reference run all your music through mp3tag to clean any junk from headers)

@kradcliffe no I’m definitely not anybody else I’m sure nitebeatz will back that up. We are two different people (May be have the same type of thoughts and sense of humour) but defiantly not the same

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Water and capacitive jogs don’t mix neither do they with touchscreens either.

This is why I do my best stay away from the capacitive crap.

Can’t say for sure what’s going on there though.

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Looking at the pic stu-c posted water droplets all over them. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:. No idea what could be the problem.

I’m off to give my tv and laptop a rinse in the dishwaher

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UPDATE. My laptop and tv are now showing signs of bugs… neither switch on after “cleaning” I used non bio and turned temp down to 40degrees so it can’t be the dishwasher can it Jeez macbook pro and sky glass are crap

Where’s the OP, we need answers lol.


He is posting videos of his issues. Nobody would be happy when they spend $$$$ to see the stuff he’s seeing.

@Wyley1 if you watch the video then look at still from @STU-C posted you will see the problem… THEY ARE SOAKING WET. As I have just tested with my macbook and sky glass tv I can confirm modern electronic equipment does not like water. If i spent ££££££s on equipment I wouldn’t get it wet (o thought dishwasher was ok because plates come out dry. I didn’t realise it uses water too)

I pointed that out didn’t I?

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You did yes that’s what the problem is. WATER. Just wondering to self what damage internally has been done that over time will kill units totally possibly with some horrendous results (ie fire or death/ serious electric) shock

I think the problem is, that video of them tipping water out of the deck at that festival has given people a false sense of security that these are somehow waterproof… no way would I let any liquid onto the player. Madness.


I kinda get your flow on this, but djbertie has real issues and described them extensively in other topics.

Problem is that most of us cannot replicate or even had similar issues when playing tracks for hours on end, while djbertie has (and with vids to prove them).

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@Reese . I will take my primes into the shower and recreate his problem perfectly. But I don’t think denon would cover it under warranty

@kradcliffe look at pictures… obviously not…

I only asked some questions and the water thing was one of them, I watched his video and noticed the deck was getting rained on.

I do think it’s possibly more down to the file itself. He could have told us if it’s only certain tracks or it does it every track? Certain tracks would also imply a file issue too?

I’m not debating above weirdness in documenting, but check his other/older topics to see the extend of the list of various problems. I’m sure it wasn’t all on rainy days. :wink:

For sake of completeness: Massive List of SC5000 Issues (all with video evidence) - Engine DJ Hardware / Media Players - Official Denon DJ Forum

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