5/6 channel/deck setup

Hey all, does anyone the know the best way to achieve a 5/6 channel mix set up? I currently have a set of Denon sc live 4 (very early upgrade for me as my usb port started to fail on a set of a set of numarks nvii) and I’ve come across the pioneer V10 as well as the behringer dx2000, but it’s a lot of money to take a gamble on either, as I don’t know how many channels my live 4 would be able to control since I’d be only plugging in one set of audio cables to the interface? Sorry i don’t have much experience in this yet, I’m still learning it all Thanks

Honestly, keep learning on your live 4. Master 2 decks first then start worrying about extras.

There are few real world situations where you need more than 3 channels, and even mastering that is extremely difficult.

The SC Live 4 is meant to be used on its own as a standalone, not plugged into anything else like a DJ mixer.

There is loads of creative mixing you can do on just two decks, enjoy yourself learning that, and tap into the massive wealth of resource online for tutorials.

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SCLive 4 can only utilise 4 internal channels and 1 external (aux) channel. For connecting a lot of external devices You would need Prime 4. Going from behringer to pioneer and to denon there is a giant jump in features and quality. Check first what You want and what You need. Learn what the devices can offer to you. All devices have their unique features and limitations. Choose what You need and what offers the best bang for Your buck.


Oh I very much agree, due to having to early upgrade I’m having to get used to another set of decks but luckily for not as long but I DJ in drum and bass and the current mix I’m doing has led me up to asking the question above as for example I can’t transition from 3 songs (1 hardstyle & X2 drum n bass) into 2 different songs which would drop at the same time while killing the audio for the 3, and I’m finding this difficult without having an extra channel or deck, so if there is any way I could get around this then that would be greatly appreciated

Without actually hearing it I can’t speak about the mix itself, but it sounds like a lot going on at one time.

From reading your OP it sounds like you’re pretty new to DJing so the only advice I can offer is to focus on the basics and not get caught up in needing 5 tracks on the go at once. I spent my first 3 years as a DJ learning how to blend music and beat match, working out which tracks worked with which and how to make a set flow.

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