432 Hz Setup

I use Flstudio, and some synth… and I can set the output to 432 Hz, could you also add this mode in your software? Thanks.

You mean give the options for the Elastique key change to different music scale and tuning? One of the few good things on the newest Gemini SDJ firmware besides the key play by pads is their ability to choose a different key change scale.

When writing music, defining instruments is a feeble method for creating music based on A432 instead of A440.

However, defining already mastered tracks can cause issues with harmonics. A lot of modern music already has defined voicing on instruments and drums. So, not every instrument in every song will be tuned perfectly to a440.

Not scale but frequency. A little story: before world war 2 :smiley: the standard frerquency music based on 432 Hz after… today frequency standard is 440 Hz, the Pink floyd have registerd The Dark Side Of The Moon on 432 Hz… 432 Hz is Better 440 Hz. I dont know if your description image do this.

Actually there was no international standard before the introduction of 440, which is why it was decided.

you agree with me that 432 Hz is better than 440 Hz? :smiley:

No comment :zipper_mouth_face:

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So you want the players to have a test tone ability? I have a bunch of those as tracks in some folders.

Haha! April fools!