40yrs as a Mobile DJ in the Toronto - Ottawa - Niagara Falls areas

Currently relocated from Oshawa (east of Toronto) to a small town west of Ottawa in Almonte Ontario. I started my music experience back in the sixies when my Grandparents bought me a AM radio transmitter kit. I hooked up my Radio Shack mixer, a old belt driven Technics record player and a Teac cassette player. My signal however only reach about a block away from our home. Just enough that my local friends could “tune in” lol. In the mid seventies I started playing guitar, created a rock band and toured local drop-in centres, school and house parties. I gave up the performing in 1978 to join a touring rock band out of Toronto called The Madcats as their LD (Lighting tech) and truck driver. We tours mostly in Ontario and as far south of the border to Boston USA. We were the opening act for international artists such as “Rush”, “Molly Hatchett” and a few others that I cannot remember due to being too stoned lol.

Ah, the good 'ole days. :slight_smile:

I left the road in 1980 as a new radio station became avail in Toronto called Q107. They anounced a new roller skating rink in downtown Toronto… a one of a kind… a 1st in North America. This was the only indoor/outdoor roller skating rink located down along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. (a few km from the CNE) It was called Harbourfront Rollerworks. I ended up getting an amazing job there as the manager, DJ, roller skate instructor, snack bar attendant etc. They then sent me to Niagara Falls Canada to open a new roller rink in the infamous Skylon Tower. Although the rink was created in the base of the tower… it too was the largest anywhere in the America’s. That gig lasted me about6 months when I decide to change jobs and work for myself as a Sound/Lighting tech and as a radio/mobile DJ. So from 1980 to the present, I’ve DJied all sorts of events from school dances, weddings, night clubs, bars, street dances, backyard pool parties and much more. I’ve also ran the FOH mixes and Lighting shows as well as a roadie for many artists from Rush, Max Webster, David and Shawn Cassidy, Kenny Rogers, Aerosmith, The Osmonds, The Kings, Goddo, The Stampeders, Triumph, Rik Emmett, Pavlo and many others.

In the past 6 yrs I’ve recently added myself to being a laserist at my mobile DJ gigs. Nothing better then blowing away the crowd with a WOW Factor laser/light show along with some great DJ skillz.

Some of my current gear:- Denon MC6000, Dell XPS 17" laptop X 2. (one being used for my Pangolin Quickshow software for the lasers and Martin Light Jockey software for my lighting rig) The other laptop is for my Traktor software I use in clubs and also for SAM Brodcaster software for when I perform at school, weddings where I can actually tap into someone’s local wifi network and broadacst the event to the internet. I use a dbx driverack PA+ unit to keep my sound in tune through a pair of JBL powered PRX165m and one PRX618s-XLF. I have a mixture of lighting products from Elation, ADJ, Martin, Ultratec Radiance Hazer and 3 - 1.5watt full colour lasers. I recently sold my Genie 20’ towers and the truss system as I wanted to downsize my rig. Everything currently fits inside my 2007 Equinox lol. I strap my 2 - 15’ manfrotto lighting stands on my roof.

My most amazing gig would be at the Sandbanks Provincial Park here in Ontario where I ran a 45min long Pink Floyd laser show in the Park’s amphitheater using 6 lasers, 2 fog machines and my Radiance Hazer and other lighting effects. My new family were all camping there for a week and I joined them for a Sunday night laser show.

As a side note, I love my MC6000… but would love to upgrade someday to the latest controller by Denon. Oh, and if you happen to be in the Toronto - Ottawa area seeking an extra DJ/LD/Sound tech, give me a pm.