4 screen view on sc live 4


I recently purchased a set of sc live 4 and I was wondering if they support 4 deck screen view on the set of decks while using serato DJ? I know the work just only shows X2 decks with the library and ideas if this can be changed?

Not from the DenonDJ side. Basically, once the GUI layout has been set in joint work with Serato, it won’t be altered in the future. The Prime 4 with its much bigger screen also shows 2 decks only ever since its release and the waveforms there aren’t even animated - you only get the overview ones.

That being said, I see no need to replicate a 4 deck view on the integrated screen anyway. The main advantage of using Serato (or VDJ) is having access to a proper laptop screen + keyboard, so the integrated screen is not really needed. Kinda like Rekordbox in Performance mode. EngineDJ doesn’t offer that (yet) but we have SDJ/VDJ as semi-alternatives. The great part about SDJ especially: 1) Hardware unlock for free, 2) very good export integration with/to EngineOS

If you want to make maximum use of the integrated screen, use the device in standalone mode with your imported Serato libraries.


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