3900s+X1600 & TSP2 (plays really fast )


Post 11 Jul 2013 02:55

Okay, so i picked up my 3900s today. I did the latest upgrade to the new firmware. I am using 2 3900s and x1600 on a mac.

Configuration: mixer 44hz to traktor scratch pro 2

players midi 1 and 2 left and right hybrid set 2.5 unit set to mac rpm 33

Any ideas of why it would play so fast and the pitch is stuck in fastest setting. it will not move when i move the pitch on the table

DENON Post 11 Jul 2013 20:52

Hi djnugz, congrats !

What version of Traktor do you have?

djnugz Post 12 Jul 2013 00:03

Traktor 2.03. I dropped the timecode signal to 2.0hz and now it works fine. I calibrated with the timecode disc to get rid of the calibration message.

Everything works perfect now. I powered down and powered back and everything is fine.

I think the version of traktor I am using only works in 2.0. Can you confirm?

I will be purchasing a new Traktor license. Will the new traktor require 2.5hz setting?

All in all, I am pleased with these decks coming from the s3700 world.


DENON Post 13 Jul 2013 18:06

but higher versions of Traktor requires the 2.5kHz setting and doing the calibration with CD first wont work, you will always see “calibration error”, but it still works fine.

All in all, I am pleased with these decks coming from the s3700 world.

Glad to hear it, enjoy and spread the SC3900 Love !

DJ_Boothe Post 14 Jul 2013 23:46

Yah! Glad to hear you’re all up and running again now.