3900 with Traktor in Hybrid Midi mode


Post 25 Apr 2013 02:43

I trying to use the 3900 in Hybrid midi mode again. I really wish I could get this work better. There is always a compromise when you use timecode vs true midi.

The Good: Platter Control is tight. I am not a scratch DJ but often will spice the mix up with some minor scratching.

The bad: the Function of the cue button & hot starts is radically changes when using time code. I am looking for away around this.

One thing i often do (starting back when i had a denon 5000 (CDS) and lately with the MC 6000) in midi mode is kinda use the cue button while the deck is in pause and kinda of stutter on beat while mixing. i stutter in the new song i am mixing in and that just hold the cue button down than press play to let it play through.

When in hybride mode the cue or hot starts no longer function as they do when in pure midi mode. This is one of my biggest issue of using hybrid timecode.

Note i thought the solution to this was to use a 2900 using it with tratkor in midi mode. i also own 2900s but found the midi platter performance weak compared to hybrid mode. Hence if i am going to use hybrid timecode i may as well use the moving platter.

Really want to try and work this out vs having to try out a Pio deck in hid with traktor. Any tips or ideas would be helpful.


Post 25 Apr 2013 05:24

True MIDI is coming for our VDJ 7.4 users with the upcoming firmware release in May. (v1100) Unfortunately Traktor will never support the SC3900 with platter in true MIDI.

troymichael Post 26 Apr 2013 05:30

props to VDJ for being more supportive of denon products. I am a past user and still have a license so i may give it a try. thanks for the heads up on this.

DENON Post 26 Apr 2013 15:21

Cool, thanks for your support.


Post 05 May 2013 21:40 So is the final word on traktor that it will support control via hybrid midi generated from the sc3900(including rotating platters) the same as on the 3700s? I’m thinking of upgrading my 3700s to the 3900s and from VDJ v7.4 to Traktor Scratch Pro v2.61 so if anyone can help me out with definitive information, I would greatly appreciate it.

If Traktor can be controlled via hybrid mid mode from the 3900s and support rotating platters, what are the steps involved on both the player side and the MAC side?

If Traktor cannot be controlled via hybrid mode and no rotating platters, then I will probably not upgrade and stay with my s3700s and the upcoming VDJ v8.



Post 06 May 2013 18:16

Hi Atrain01us, Hybrid Mode will always guarantee spinning platter control with a “Traktor Scratch” DVS supported audio interface and by using our tsi mapping file.

So Yes, SC3900 will work with Traktor Scratch 2.61 (not Traktor Pro 2.61)


Post 06 May 2013 21:22

I checked the version of Traktor I have and it is the latest version(v2.6.1 Scratch Pro) downloaded via the Service Center. I know it is the latest version because it includes the key detection function. The program says ‘Traktor Scratch Pro’ in the upper left area on the screen and when I click on ‘about Traktor’ from the Help menu, it says Traktor v2.6.1.

Based on this evidence, previous comments on this topic in this thread, and since I can control Traktor via the mk2 timecode cds, then the version I have is Traktor Scratch Pro and will work perfectly with the SC3900s in hybrid midi mode as previously confirmed? If so, I will be upgrading to the SC3900s as soon as my money is ready to allow me to do so!

One other question, will the SC3900s still be able to control VDJ v7.4 as the s3700s currently do with the last firmware update? This way, I can switch between Traktor and VDJ when the feeling hits me or to try out new program features as updates and upgrades appear.

By the way, I have 2 Audio 8 sound cards I use with Traktor and VDJ.


DENON Post 07 May 2013 04:02

Yes, with firmware update v1100 coming next week !