32 bit drivers for x1700

At the risk of sounding very stupid…

If I’m running Traktor 2.6.8 (32bit) on a Win7 (64bit) install and I want to use the x1700 as the audio interface then I need the 32bit drivers, which is the Asio 2.22 set, right? I tried updating Traktor to 2.11 and using the latest Asio drivers for the mixer but it wouldn’t let me use the timecode signal from my 3900’s (“not available” on the Traktor audio preferences panel), and I was also getting the left hand part of the a stereo signal on channel 1 and the right hand side on channel 2. For safety I’ve gone back to 2.6.8.

I thought I was tech savvy, it appears I was wrong. Any bright ideas would be appreciated.

When you updated Traktor it installed the 64-bit version of Traktor so when you launched it it did not detect the 32-bit 2.22 Denon Asio driver (that’s why no timecode control). Did you install this drivers: http://b06ba727c886717f9577-fff53f927840131da4fecbedd819996a.r74.cf2.rackcdn.com//1155/downloads/Install_Denon_DJ_DN-X1700_1.0.2.zip

Hi, I appreciate the quick response.

I upgraded to Traktor 2.11 from 2.6.8, and I did install the Asio drivers you linked after that. That’s when the fun started, as I said the stereo signal was split between 2 channels to begin with and it did work at one point but the sound kept glitching every 10 seconds and no amount of buffer resizing fixed it. Also the time code section said “not available”. That’s the one on the main Audio preferences screen under where you choose which audio device you’re using. I didn’t get as far as the panel where you can check the time code signal proper. I’ve been looking for an idiots guide, found one from Denon for TSP 2.8 but that hasn’t worked either.

I’ve gone back to 2.6.8 and the Audio 8 for now simply because I’m gigging this week.

Sound splitted between two channels indicates output channels needed to be switched around under preferences. Sound glitching - “normal” if you are not using the correct audio driver in the first place.

That’s the problem though. I was using the correct driver, the one currently downloadable from the x1700 legacy page. That’s the only driver I’ve installed since TSP was updated to v2.11. The question about Asio v2.22 was whether that would work with TSP 2.6.8, as I’ve gone back to that version of Traktor. I’ve not installed that Asio driver yet.

Well if you install 2.11 again and want to troubleshoot your issues, post screenshots of your Traktor setting and I’ll help. Until then, there’s not much I can do since you already reverted back to 2.6.8. And yes, 2.22 will work.