3 or more devices Ableton Link possible via LAN & Switch? Simultaneous Streamservice Usage via WiFi possible?


since I found no conclusive information at Ableton website or google, maybe someone here knows because they already got it working this way.

Title pretty much says it all: I want to connect a Macbook, 1-2 outboard devices and my 2 SC6000mwith via the LAN ports to use Ableton link. Does this work without a router using a switch like this:

If so, is there anything I need to configure?

Additionally: Does it work for the players then to access streaming services such as Soundcloud while using the LAN connection for Ableton link (like they are now doing for Denon DJ Link)? This would be important as not all outboard hardware has Wifi and the Macbook and players aren’t connected to the same Wifi network.

Hope someone can elaborate on this and thanks in advance.


Simple answer - yes, if switch is connected to the network, You will be able to run Ableton link, Denon link and use all options of it. It will work with all Ableton link enabled devices in the network, no matter is it wifi or wired. I tested with AKAI Force, NI Machine plus, Ableton on MacBook and Arkaos Grand Vj running on another MacBook, plus Traktor Pro 3. All connected at the same time, and in sync with SC6000 and SC Live 4. I was running thru similar network switch as You showed in the link.

But I need a network no matter what?! That can be an adhoc network from iPhone or laptop right? otherwise I need to wire the switch to my router somehow, but I try to avoid that since its hard to do here…

It works without the additional network (ableton link) - switch only. But for streaming services - You need to add a network connection.

Obviously, yes.

I talket about network. Not internet. different thing. Do I need someone giving out DHCP IPs or can they send their ableton data out and it still works. That’s the underlying question that needs to be answered ig

I didn’t set up anything, just connected all to a generic switch like You asked for and it works.

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No DHCP? Then APIPA comes into play and it still works.


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