3 Months of TIDAL for free

hello everyone. i can’t use the free months. when i redeem the code it means i’m not authorized. is the offer restricted to certain countries?

Offer link only works when you create a new Tidal account.

So, if you already have a Tidal account, the redeem will not be accepted.

i also tried it with a new tidal account. i also used a different email address for that. it didn’t work that way either.

You need to make the new account via the link: https://offer.tidal.com/voucher

Enter the voucher code you got from DenonDJ and create the new Tidal account from that same page. Otherwise it will use the default 30 day trial.

I don’t think Switzerland has a complete Tidal block. Perhaps some songs on Tidal do.

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problem solved. thx

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Nice one. Please mark as solved for archival purposes. :wink:

not at all true! I entered my tidal account I activated a subscription and I entered the code in the voucer section and now I have three months free! but you must have an active payment method, a card assigned to the account or paypal!

Dear raphael.aregger, I am now trying to use the Tidal HIFI for first time but it looks like the voucher to redeem is expired. How did you solve it?

como consigo este voucher do tidal

it only works when creating a new tidal account. with an existing account it will not work.



  • Sign in on denondj.com
  • Click on your name (top right) and then on My account
  • Click My Registered Products on the left menu
  • Scroll down for all your offers
  • In the offers you will see Offer: TIDAL HiFi - 3 Months Free Offer: TIDAL
  • Click redeem to go to the page where you can use the code. Use that code on a NEW Tidal account. The promotion seems to work on new accounts only. If you already have a Tidal account you could register again with a different e-mail adress.
  • Enjoy 3 months of Tidal for free (and also check out the other codes).

Ok all done mate cheers for that addie :+1::blush:

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hi, is there a way to switch tidal account on the denons? let’s say i sell my denon and someone else wants to use their own account.

To me knowledge: Via the gear :gear: icon you can log off your Tidal account.

@ addie

Hi Addie. I just received my Prime Go today. I tried to follow your directions but under my registered product it only shows an offer for merchandise. The box that the product came in says that there is a 3 month Tidal trial but I don’t see it below. Is the offer no longer available?

Hi @JEUSanchez, welcome to the forum.

I think it’s being worked on, see here:

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Thank you! I will await patiently.

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Just signed up via denondj.com but when i access the Tidal songs on my Prime 4 it gives a message that the song will not play with my current subscription. I thought I have the HiFi sub. Is there any way to change the Tidal sign in on my Prime 4?

@mauidj You can double check your Tidal subscription on my.tidal.com (log in, click subscription). You can change the setting on the Prime Hardware by pressing the cogwheel on the bottom left side in the Tidal tab.

Mahalo Addie. Works like a charm! I had 2 log-ins and one was for the basic sub.