3 Band Wave form

Hi just had a go of the 3 band waveform on rekordbox Just wondering could this be something dennon could add to it’s controller? I thought it makes life so much easier and clearer for setting up cue points and mixing with!

Hi @ben7896, welcome to the forum!

Do you mean the 3 colors that Pioneer more or less copied from DenonDJ apart from the stinky brown?


:joy::joy: Yes thats the one lol I wasn’t aware there was one like that on Denon equipment

The 3 band waveform was copied by Pioneer from Denon. The 3 colored waveform exists on Denon Dj Prime products since day 1.

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Lots of searchable topics already on the forum about how many Colors Dennnnnon should use in its waveforms

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The original post is about 3 band waveform - one that we have already.

Ok thanks I’ve only Just ordered one upgrading from a ddj1000 so i was just assuming it was a pioneer thing appreciate the replies :+1:

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I wonder where Denon got their inspiration for that type of waveform from?

Hint: Native Instruments :slight_smile:

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That’s not a hint. It’s an answer. A hint would be: “a Germany based software development company”. Just saying… :rofl:

Yeah, I know :crazy_face:

Just trying to be extra clear for the amnesia-plagued fanboys.

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