3/4 loop size please

So everyone has seen @longstoryshort transition from house to dnb using a 3/4 loop on cdj3000s. If you haven’t, i would highly recommend checking it out. I tried everything in my power to do it on the sc6000’s, but unfortunately, they don’t have the 3/4 loop size. The loop also snaps to the nearest 1 bar or 1/2 bar loop. Could we please put that in the next update? If anyone knows a workaround that I can do without fx please let me know.


Watch Carlo Antenido’s video, you can use a 3/4 slice or roll to do it.

Edit: not sure if Denon has this option however, it’s not something I’ve seen used before.


Seems quite, or indeed very nichè

But nichè’r things have been known to be added

Best option is to propose the request on one of the request forms in the request section - once there people can use one of their 10 forum user votes on it, if they find the idea to be of value


I remember Zabiela doing it a couple of years ago when he first got 3000s, it’s pretty cool but as you say quite niche. I wonder if 3000s were the first CDJ to offer that 3/4 loop?

I always found the 3/4 effect on DJM mixers quite annoying as you couldn’t cut the effect in half on build ups.

I suspect that some of the DJ toolkit track makers like spam-masters Crate hackers, or DMC or Mastermix (and others) probably offer a selection of transition tracks - sure, it’s nice to be able to make any track a transition track, but a transition talrwxj is one was of doing it. But hey, let the user votes show the InMusic engineers if the idea has massive user backing

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Yeah the sc6000s dont have the option. It is a little niche, but i play house and jungle and would love to be able to make that transition easier. I remember running into an issue like this a few years ago. I forgot about it until i tried to do it again.

My favoured methods are either find a DnB remix of the house track then use the breakdown on the house to bring in the DnB version, or slow down the house track to a stop using HPF, 1 beat echo and a little scratch at the end to create a kind of spacey echo sound then bring the DnB in.

Another one is a 1 beat loop then use ‘loop out adjust’ to speed up that loop to create a build up, then drop the DnB and exit with an echo as you drop it… HPF is also handy to remove the bass from the house record.

I would like to join the others who are requesting this “triplets for loops” - and not only 3/4 but also 3/8 3/16 3/2 you know the range that makes sense. It would be important to potentially make this optional - from the menu - maybe a toggle for including / excluding triplet dividers so that people who are used to the classic time divisions would not have any inconvenience even when this niche feature is implemented. Please kindly make this happen, it would be fantastic! :slight_smile:

I am new to the forum, can you please tell me where to find the Request Section / where to raise a Request Form ?

I have found the section now :slight_smile:

Are there any updates on this functionality by any chance?

Nothing announced as of yet, did you manage to raise the feature request? It may already exist if you search for it.

Edit: I can see you’ve found it.

So now there are 2 feature requests in OPEN status



It seems to be the same request in functionality - could someone merged these two requests so it would have a chance of showing real demand in the number of votes?

Merging doesn’t sum up the votes. Forum limitation.

@Reese I think the proper thing to do would be to close the one with the smaller amount of votes and encourage everyone to revote for the other one. Thoughts?


It’s 3 vs. 4 votes ( suitable for 3/4 loop topics) :relieved:, but good idea.

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