2xSC5000 with x1800 & Turntables (performance pads)

I have 2xSC5000’s and an x1800 mixer. I want to add Turntables. I use Serato. Vinyl would of course be DVS.

If I match the layer of an SC5000 to a turntable, can I use the performance pads on the SC5000 for hot-cueing the Vinyl?

Not sure if it’s possible. The only way to find out is to test it.

For example:

I have the MCX8000 and the Pioneer DDJ-SZ and I use Serato DVS with both. Through testing I found out that you can use the controller’s performance pads for DVS hot-cue, roll, slicer, etc. I also found out that you can pitch bend DVS with the platter on the controller. This is a function that the manufacturers don’t boast about.

Another thought: If the function that you’re asking about isn’t natively available on the SC’s, and if the second layer can be midi-mapped independent of the first layer, then it might be possible.

What about adding a pair of SC5000M’s and use the digital timecode file? It would be interesting to see how the pads would affect it.

SC5000M works great with serato without any timecode files. Just plug and play. Plater spins, all functions are already there.

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Yea, the tables come this week, but I was hoping to know before LOL

I’ve used Serato with Vinyl and a Pioneer S9 (which has performance pads), and I’ve used Serato with SC5000’s and the x1800. Just never used Vinyl and the SC5000 together before… and I MUCH rather use the x1800 than another S9.

Your results do sound promising though.

If not, I’ll probably end up getting a Pioneer ddj-sp… Then again, we used turntables without performance pads for years right hahahah

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Good luck and let us know how it works out!

It works! PERFECTLY!

Hot Cues, Looping, roll, slicer, censor button, pitch bend (platter and buttons), cue button, track skip, beak jump, Key lock… Load tracks

You can’t scratch with the platter(who would if you are using a turntable) but it does work for pitch bending… and the play button doesn’t work.

Could not be happier!!!

??? Can You tell more about this?

I scratch on any jog and platter without any problems on all prime series. Just need to get used to it.

AWESOME!!! That’s huge! Thanks for investigating and sharing.

Essentially, he can use the SC5000 as a midi device for DVS (external Turntable). That’s huge.

Thats nothing huge, anything that sends midi commands can be mapped to do the same task. This here is plug and play and is controlling the same deck, as his timecode and turntable. That was done long time ago with traktor scratch pro 2 and kontrol X1 or cdj’s.

So, there’s another standalone MEDIA PLAYER that works as a midi control device for an external turntable, allowing it’s TOUCHPADS to control DVS hot cues, and this standalone media player’s PLATTER will perform DVS pitch bend? If so please let us know.

What you’re describing with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 (software) and Kontrol X1 (midi pad, not a media player) is also available with Serato DJ (using a Pioneer DDJ-SP1) , however, with the SC5000, you’re getting built-in midi control for use with an external source (turntables). Not only that, if you are using the x1800, two DJ’s have the ability to share all of this functionality without an equipment changeover.

I’ve played a number of gigs with multiple DJs (some blenders, some turntablist) and beleive me, this is huge.

You can’t use a turntable to control the player. You can use player and turntable to control serato. That was possible on traktor, virtual dj amd seratonwith any player that had midi mode like our beloved sc5000 and sc5000M. This was also possible to achieve using any midi controller. It is just a matter of setting it up. Not a special function. I build midi mappings for programs and I know how it works. It is possible to use a timecode vinyl and other midi controllers on the same deck in a dj software, that was existing since first software with dvs and midi came out.

I believe you are missing the point of this thread.

It was started with this question from @mclanglois:

To which he found out:

The great thing about his findings is this:

The DVS midi control functions are built into the the SC5000 (already pre-mapped), and when connected to the X1800, it allows DJ’s plugged into USB A & B to share this function, whereas a midi controller (DDJ-SP1, Kontrol X1) can not be shared without plugging/unplugging. This streamlines a booth setup minimizing the amount of equipment needed and the plugging/unplugging that occurs with other setups. DJs can seamlessly go back and forth with zero down time.

I agree that this isn’t totally new. I have been doing something similar with my DDJ-SZ for sometime, but I believe that there isn’t another media player/mixer combo that can do this without additional add-on electronics (midi pads, etc.).

In respects to the SC5000M vs. Turntables:

The M’s are fantastic players PERIOD. However, some DJs like the feel of vinyl, and many turntablist like the size of the vinyl platter for scratching. It boils down to preference. No one is right or wrong. I still have turntables and use them on occasion at events where they like the look of the turntable spinning.

That was my point. Read the complete comment.

Hot cue a vinyl, or hot cue a DVS - totally different thing! Please specify.

Can You explain how this is done, as I think, I don’t quite get this correct…??? What dj’s share? Player pads, mixer dvs functions, both?

Media player with pads - no, mixer with pads - yes.

Yes, I read your complete comment. Please go back and read the complete question that started this thread. He’s not asking to control a player with a turntable. He already stated that he will be using the the turntable via Serato DVS. He questioning if he can use the SC’s performance pads to hot cue a track playing via DVS vinyl.

He did specify in his original question. He’s talking DVS.

Yes, they can share all the above. For example:

DJ Jazzy Jeff is plugged into USB A. He’s using Vinyl DVS and he’s able to trigger his hot cues, rolls, etc. with the SC5000’s performance pads. He’s also able to pitch bend the DVS signal using either the SC5000’s pitch bend buttons, or using the SC5000’s platter. He’s able to do all of this without the need to midi map the functions (all natively mapped in the SC5000).

DJ Kid Capri is up next. He plugs into USB B. Jazzy Jeff has a track playing DVS on turntable #1. With a flick of a switch, Kid Capri can immediately use turntable #2 via DVS and have access to all of the same midi functions on turntable #2 that Jazzy Jeff currently has on turntable #1.

Let’s take it a bit further:

Jazzy Jeff leaves and unplugs from USB A. In comes Skrillex. He plugs into USB A. He prefers using the SC5000’s with Serato. SC5000 #1 isn’t in use, so with a flick of the switch on the x1800 he has access to SC5000 #1.

Kid Capri leaves the stage but leaves his laptop plugged into USB B. In comes DJ Todd Terry. Todd brought his USB drive. He prefers to use the SC5000’s as a standalone media player. No problem, Skrillex is currently using SC5000 #2, so Todd plugs his USB into SC5000 #1. He seamlessly mixes in his track without interruption.

My point exactly. I own a mixer with performance pads, but I don’t know of any media player (other than the Denon Prime SC Series) that offer this.

Now, most of what’s stated above can be done with most controllers with dual usb ports. What is gained by using the SC5000’s & x1800 combination (and can’t be done by any other product on the market) is the addition of Standalone Play and Standalone Tidal Streaming.

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Ok, all clear, but there is one hook here. The sc5000 can’t be shared between 2 computers. It needs to be plugged in to one of them. Just switching the A and B on the mixer will not toggle the decks midi options between the respective computers.

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You are totally right and I stand corrected on that. Thanks for pointing that out.