2nd channel fader cuts out audio while all the way up

Hi, I’ve had this mixer a little over a year. Been very gentle with it and during a show the second channel begin to cut out and make it very difficult to perform. A little bit of pressure or a slight wiggle causes it to cut out and often I have to touch it again to get the signal back. I’m curious if anyone else has these issues and what I can do.

Happens on both USB and line in. Other channels are fine. Mixer is clean.

Thanks in advance. Hope you guys can help.

(Things get really interesting at 27 second mark)

Hi @Anzorb - It seems the channel fader is having an issue making contact with the rail. This could be from liquid or debris. I would first try to blow out the channel fader opening with compressed air or channel fader cleaner such as this one.

If the problem persists after cleaning, you will need to contact our Support team for service.

Contact Denon DJ Global Support

Hope this helps!

Hi there, the same problem has happened to me. My right fader cuts off and then comes back when I touch it. Did you manage to solve this issue? If yes, can you please tel me how you fixed it. Thanks.