270MB track link size limit?

Curious as to what’s going on that requires tracks larger than about 270MB to be only played back on the deck the drive is connected to. I was doing some tests to figure out why the SPDIFs sound kind of weird and forward by upsampling and increasing the bit depth to hi res studio 32/96, then lowering the volume of the tracks by 6dB, and resaving them as WAV files. I was surprised to find in a folder of 16 or so tracks I did this to, only two could be played on the linked deck. Is this unavoidable due to player memory limits? Is it possible we might be able to buffer up to 250MB-ish of the track over link in the future and link the rest of the track as we get to it during playback?

I noticed this as well with some 1080p MP4 I have. I play videos with Serato so i use MP3 and MP4 interchangeably.

Not a biggie for me as I have the audio only of many of my video tracks.

I wonder if the combination of 24/96 and FLAC would be sufficient to get under that link limit for most tracks… I’m suspicious of actually trying FLAC with such spoofed high-bitrate tracks as a means of checking this, though, because it might successfully data-compress them similar to a large picture with a bunch of black space can be dropped down in size.