(2) SC6000 + X1850 + Soundswitch Contol One help?

I want to use my Engine Lighting and the Control One without the need for a laptop and I’ve spent dozens of hours and countless workflow and setup changes trying to make it work - to no avail. I’m beyond frustrated at this point and need advice from someone who has gotten this setup to act as advertised. Below is a detailed description of the system - can anyone help?

All Denon hardware is on the latest firmware. I’ve even done a factory reset and updated again today.

Soundswitch is the latest version, as is Engine DJ.

I’ve got a home project in Soundswitch that all of my songs are scripted to. The files are contained in the project folder as expected.

When exporting from Denon DJ the songs show a grid and SS file checkbox and I’m using sync manager to export to my drive.

Here’s where I need help:

I’ve got 2 SC6000’s and an X1850, plus the Control One. Layer B is enabled on both players but I only have layer A sending audio on each right now, but this shouldn’t matter.

In the SS settings, I have it set to Engine DJ, two players plus mixer, upfader only, no external mixer checked, channels 1-4 are enabled.

I’ve tried plugging player 1 into mixer port 1 or 2, player 2 into 3 or 4.

I’ve tried turning both players on first, waiting 30 seconds, then while they’re on the source screen I turn the mixer on. Sometime Engine Connect lights up all 4 channels, sometimes just a single one. Sometimes it automatically changes player 2 to Player 1 and only lights up channel 3. When I hold the connect button down while on the source screen, player 1 gives me the option to assign channels but player 2 does not. I’ve tried turning Engine Lighting on and off on each player and rebooting everything to see if that would work but no. Still can’t assign player 2 at all.

I tried plugging my USB into the same player that the Control One is plugged into and switched on, or the other one, and tried loading my profile first, enabling and disabling Engine Lighting on one or not players, resetting, every possible workflow I can think of so that when I get ready to load a track it works. Nope.

I am ensuring that I’m selecting the project on my USB that the scripted tracks ans loops, scenes etc are available. I’ve tried loading non-scripted tracks, moving the volume faders up and down first, then playing them. Or the same with a scripted track.

I can get ONE SINGLE CHANNEL to work once in a while, and even then it only may play the right side of my lights, nothing to my left.

Please. Someone help me, I’m losing my mind.

What do I need to do so this works??!!

What’s up @DJRa,

Did you take a look at the video below?

FYI: The lightshow for a track is activated by the channel faders (upfaders). The fader should be up only for the track currently playing (all others should be down for Soundswitch to know which lightshow to play).

Good luck!

@DJRa ok from your description everything sounds correct.

One troubleshooting step you can take is when you have started Engine Lighting and you press a Color Override or even a Static Look if you have created these do your fixtures respond correctly? This will confirm that your SoundSwitch Project has been exported correctly to your USB Drive.

Now as Mixlive mentioned when you are playing back a Track on Deck 1 please make sure you only have the single Upfader active as if you have the alternate Upfaders active Engine Lighting may be attempting to mix a lighting show that does not exist if no Audio file is loaded.

The last step to take is to make sure you have your USB Source Drive and the Control One connected to the same player that is running Engine Lighting.

Let me know how you get on after trying these steps.

i do have the same set up but with 3 sc6000 running or a prime go, everything works fine.

Did you do a test run with the Control One connected to your computer and than running an analyzed track? This is my first step to check if everything runs fine. Especially when you have the problem with one side is not running.

Also be sure to sync the right SS project in Engine DJ. You can select in the settings which project should be used.

Than go in the SS control settings on your SC6000. There you can also change two player or four player.

The control one has a switch for usb 1 and 2. Be sure you have the right one connected, regarding your real usb to sc6000 cable.

Only have the upfader for the running song completely up. If a upfader is on max and no song is running or paused, it will stay black.

To the connection problem with the sc6000, did you try to use a differen Ethernet cable to connect to the mixer?

Thank you all for your replies. I ended up doing a 2nd factory reboot and fresh firmware install on the X1850 and connected the 6000’s to ports 2 and 3, and finally the players showed options in Engine Connect and I got it working, but still testing the reliability of it all. Also of note, when running the Control One it’s connected to the same player as the USB that has the project information on it, and the faders must be raised individually after the track has been loaded and not played yet. Also, Engine Connect and Engine Lighting seems to need the exact configuration listed in the SoundSwitch project’s hardware (ex: 2 decks, 1-4 players, all faders, etc) before trying to load any songs. The boot sequence of the players then the mixer is also necessary, and I realize that’s in the mixer user manual.

Hoping the Denon team can make this much easier for others down the road with an update to Engine Lighting.