2 Channel x series mixer?

First time poster long time lurker. Any reason/rumors/ideas as to a 2 channel version of the x series of mixers? I’ve just upgraded to a x1850 and two sc6000’s and I dig the workflow. Looking for a more compact solution now that I can use on fly gigs and rentals. Would be great if there was a stripped down version of the media players as well. I’m not a fan of pioneer generally but I’ve got a decent rental inventory of pioneer kit and the djm450/xdj1000mk2 sets is always out. Would be cool to see something in that form factor and price range from denon. Thoughts?

I think your only option would be Prime 4 or Prime Go.

A shrunk version of the SC players and the x mixer would be very lacking in space between the controls - or just lacking in controls

I know of the controllers. I’m particularly interested in a 2 channel standalone mixer and a shrunk down media player. The xdj series from pioner is cheap and cheerful but denon would definitely have a better unit in that category if they attempted it.

You can always buy a second hand X600, it’s still on par with a DJM450 :+1: