2.5 inch Sata SSD internal storage hard drive

Hi Guys, I hope you and family are each doing very well and keeping very safe.

Please, could you kindly advise on the best internal hard drive in terms of make, model and size to use in the denon DJ sc6000? Thank you very much in anticipation for your help.

The same ones you would put in a computer.

Samsung, Crucial, WD, Kingston, Intel.

Intel 545s or Samsung 960 Evo are affordable premium options.

I use Sandisk products exclusively, and have no issues at all.

Thank you all very much for the feedback. I truly appreciate guys.

I would suggest getting an SSD. No worries when transporting the deck if it gets jostled around.

Would 4 TB be ok or does it need to be less than 4TB?

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Personally, I would go with a 1Tb SSD. That should give you plenty of space. Evem a 500Gb drive should be enough for most people. If you need more than 500Gb or 1Tb, just hookup an external.

1TB is more than enough - I have around 5K tunes, and it’s used up a very small percentage of the overall drive. I could add 10 X the tunes, and still have loads of space free.

Thank you all very much. I really appreciate your feedback. I have had some problems accessing all of my music files when I connect an external hard drive to my sc6000. I find that most of the music files are not accessible. With the internal SSD will I be able to transfer all of my music files from serato without missing any file? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, can anyone tell me, if it is possible to use 2 SC6000 and each has a SSD drive installed? Can Player 1 access the files on SSD in Player 2 an opposite way?

Yes it is possible

thanks for the fast reply. can i create a crate or playlist on player 1 with tracks from player 2 ssd drive?

I’d go for a Crucial or Samsung

Check here

Hi guys. Is it possible to upload tracks without removing drive from sata bay through usb cable?

Yes, click the sources button. Then tap the little :desktop_computer: icon to restart in computer mode.

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