2.4.0 Issue during shutdown

Hi all

Just noticed a couple of issues since upgrading to 2.4 on the prime 4. It’s only happened once since updating on Monday and I’ve played everyday and today when I went to shut down - the message as always was there on the screen, shutting down don’t remove drives etc but it just kept hanging on the screen and froze, the system itself was still very much on and I could still press play on the track.

I then kept my finger pressed on the power button and it rebooted the system and all was okay.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that usually when you power down the art work on the jogs disappear but now since upgrading the artwork on the jogs stay there until the system is fully powered down, this is all the time.

Not sure if there’s a bug or if it’s meant to be this way now.

But the frozen screen power down was a little worrying.

I’ve powered on and off a few times now and haven’t seen the issue reoccur yet but not sure if it happens after a lengthy session so will check again tomorrow.

Just thought I’d let peeps know in case anyone else has experienced it. :+1:


SC5000M and first time I’ve ever seen it.

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I have same shut down problem on SC6000 just one out the two does it thou since the latest update.

Tried doing reboot / install update again an hasn’t fixed it

Any help much appreciated

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Only happens occasionally to me, seems totally random, and doesn’t happen immediately again usually on reboot. Not catastrophic, but definitely new to me.

Just happened to me again this evening had to hold the power button and it rebooted itself.

Just worried rebooting it this way could damage data on my SD card etc.

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Yep, that happened to me as well. I got issues with my sound cutting out as well. Hope there’s a fix coming quickly.

Hi, I have 2 SC6000Ms and 1 of them has the same issue. Sometimes it hangs during the shut down. The play button and also the ring around the motorized jog stay lit. You also can press play and the last song starts playing. thou the screen shows the shutting down screen.

I reinstalled the last update, but did not fix the issue.

It’s happened numerous times now to me so I’m hoping someone at Denon knows and is working on a fix.

I have exactly the same issue. Shutdown only works about 30% of the time. Also, my Prime 4 froze after playing from an SD card for about 2 hours and the other day it failed to load a track from Beatport Link on the left deck, yet loaded it correctly on the right one. 2.4.0 has made my P4 into a meh controller… :-/

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My P4 also behaves strange since 2.4.

Freezing randomly and one complete reboot with only rebooting the Interface not the hardware!!! In a gig, loved the moment when it happened!

Seems this was a downgrade functionwise…


Maybe the topic title should be changed to “issue during shutdown” to prevent it being read as an issue which shuts down the device. Mods?

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I’ve changed it :+1:

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I’ve downgraded my P4 to 2.3.2. Here’s one happy Dutch guy with a working controller again. :smiley: