2.2.2 Engine DJ & Prime 4

So, it is Thurs. June 16th and I am preparing my wedding reception events for this weekend and I see that there is an update for Engine DJ and my Prime 4 to 2.2.2. Thoughts!? Everything is working fine at this point…I just worry about things going sideways if I update…but also worry about things going sideways if I don’t …LOL. Any feedback on the latest update? 2.2.2.


I’m sure everything works fine… but me… before an event, it’s better not to take risks, unless it’s essential


I know this feeling: You turn on your P4 and the update infoe pops up… I installed the update yesterday and since then had no new problems. Benefit: The shocking warning "wrong HDD Format’ is now fixed. The release notes states this as only change in 2.2.2

I will have a gig tomorrow…no risk-no fun!!

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I never update before important events. Because, it can allways get something wrong. Do your event and if you have then some sparetime to relax, install the new update and try everything to bug it. But never tuch a running system when it is not nessasary.


I updated it as soon as I saw it, but I have no shows lined up, so happy to play with it and check it out.

If I had anything coming up soon, I wouldn’t go near an upgrade if the current firmware is doing it’s job.

Man if everything is working without fail…resist! lol Just do your show THEN update. Never ever ever update right before a gig! I understand the temptation, but be strong! : )


LOL that seems to be the consensus. But it is tempting isn’t it:-) you would think it would be totally vetted and work as an improvement but there’s always a little glitch here and there when they do these updates. So, I guess I’ll have to resist. My issue is I’m booked every weekend from now till Christmas. But, I’ll do it on Sunday. Thanks for your input man.


You can always roll back as long as you have your previous firmware.

I go back back and forward all the time.


Well, I just updated to 2.2.2 from I think 1.5.1. There is a weird thing - it happened with 2 or 3 tracks - after I finished, it carried on playing a section, like it was on a loop of something… Very strange. I foolishly updated the night before a gig tomorrow. It does not happen all the time, but enough to make me a bit nervous…

1.5.1 is quite a big jump.

If you need to go back, you can only go back to 1.6

Hopefully someone can help you with any issues you may have but it may calm down after a restart.

Thanks Mr Wilks. I did restart a couple of times. I thought it was fine, but it did it again just now. It’s like it repeats a section of a (5 or 6 bars) track and gradually gets quieter on the occasional track. I didn’t engage/change any loop function, and it carries on after I have put in a new track, and the faders don’t work… I have a gig in an hour. Hoping rolling back to 1.6 i quite simple(?) Thanks for the advice… :slight_smile:

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There is definitely no echo or wash effect turned on?

This sounds like an echo set to a high bar count and left on.

Very strange!

Do you remember if there was an echo switched on when you updated? It could now be in a limbo state?

Hmmm! Good point. That may have been the case. I did try to 'back’date to 1.6.2 (couldn’t find 1.6) but it didn’t work. I did the gig with 2.2.2 just now- played for about an hour and a half and it didn’t do it again, so fingers crossed!

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Fingers crossed all is well. Enjoy your gig!

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Okay, so here is my update on the"update" after my gigs this past weekend. I set my Prime 4 up in the studio and updated to 2.2.2 on both engine DJ and the Prime 4. Happy to say that everything is working perfectly! Hardware is working fast and smooth and Engine DJ is also working just fine… although I do understand the frustration of some in that it is kind of a clunky software compared to others. Just FYI, I have a 1 terabyte SanDisk internal drive and I have a 1 terabyte SanDisk Ultra external drive with the duplicate music database on it. I back up to the computer upon exiting engine DJ and I also backup to my external drive. Once again, everything working great here with the new update, I do wish everyone the same luck for your respective updates.


I had an issue on my Prime 4 where I kept getting a message telling me my hard drive (samsung evo 2TB) needs to be reformatted as it wasn’t FAT32, when it was. It wouldn’t accept the new update. Nervously, I reformatted the whole drive on the slow reformat, then loaded everything back in, then updated via computer rather than than via wifi, and all is well. I don’t understand how the prime 4 got corrupted but message hasn’t reappeared.