2.01 not syncing in real time with Beatport Link playlists


Here is a problem I have discovered. Before updates 2.0 and 2.01, I was able to alter my playlist on Beatport Link through my phone, then go in and out of the playlist on my SC6000 for it to change to the edited playlist. I would get the connecting to Beatport in orange and it would be changed to the most updated version of the playlist.

This meant I could change quickly and have my playlists almost immediately on the deck. Now when I do the same thing after the new updates (go in and out of the playlist to update the playlist) there is no longer a waiting to connect to Beatport in orange (only a ‘connecting’ in blue). The playlist remains the same as when you first turned the SC6000 on.

In order it update the playlist to the changes I have made now on my phone with Beatport Link, I have to turn off the sc6000 completely and turn back on again. Nothing major I suppose. More of an annoyance. You’d expect updates to be improvements. Not in this case.

This looks like the prime players are polling for new data anymore. I suppose this is a bug so would definitely pop a bug report in for this as it may affect Tidal too. I hear a few users manage their playlists that way.

How do I do that, mate?

No worries. Here is the bug report area for the SC players: https://community.enginedj.com/c/media-players/bug-reports-media-players/181

It looks like it could be a bug from what you’ve said.

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