1st Time: Need help with setting up Playlists


I have a Prime GO that I’ve been practicing on for about a year now. I’m not sure about creating playlists.

I use SoundCloud primarily. I don’t have any purchased music at this time. I also have Amazon Music.

Can anyone provide some pointers on how to create the playlists and where I can download music for show/set use only?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Paul, the iTunes Store is the best value site for tracks, usually 79p or 99p per track, but you can often get full albums of DJ friendly mixes for less than £10, eg defected compilations etc.

I then use Traxsource as I’ve found it to be the best place for non cheesy dance music, there’s often 30% discount codes or at least 20% so you can get loads of tracks for good value.

As far as playlists go. Check out the many threads on here for advice but essentially you want to create a ‘music’ folder on your computer then use that as a base for all your tracks. You can then import them into your music collection on the engine desktop app, after that it’s a case of building playlists and adding music to them.

I personally set my music folders up to mirror my software playlists, that way when I add new music to each folder (genres in my case) I can then just drag and drop it over its playlist of the same name, I then know where everything is and I can easily delete and rebuild playlists if I ever need to.

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