1850 and SC6000's with Virtual DJ-Please help PKtheDJ

Hi All, I want to use the 1850 and two SC6000’s with Virtual DJ. But I am having problems get any sound to come out of my Bose L1 model II speaker, and I have tried to troubleshoot everything I can think of with no luck. Below is how I have everything set up.

  1. Everything is connected to my computer via USB

  2. I have the 1850 plugged into USB1

  3. I have all of the USB selectors switched to USB1, and the Input Select Selectors switched to USB position

  4. I have the thru selectors below the sliders on the mixer switched to A or B to match up with the appropriate SC6000

  5. For Mapping on Virtual DJ does the 1850 need to be selected? Because if so, how to you save it? I kept looking for a save button, but couldn’t find one. And every time I change it to the 1850, it defaults back to the SC6000 for some reason.

  6. For Audio Settings on Virtual DJ, are the outputs supposed to be separate decks? Because I used to use Speaker only with my old set up, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore. Then for Hardware, I have the 1850 selected.

  7. For the individual outputs deck 1 is 1850 Prime chan 1&2, deck 2 is 1850 Prime chan 3&4, deck 3 is 1850 Prime chan 5 & 6, deck 4 is 1850 Prime chan 7&8, and booth is 1850 Prime chan 1&2

  8. Under system preferences I go under sound (as I always have before), and select output X1850 Prime and Type USB. Below that I get a message that says the selected device has no output controls, which I don’t ever remember seeing before. Don’t know if that means anything or not?

  9. For my Bose L1 model II speaker, I have one end of my quarter inch cord plugged into the analog input on the power stand, as I always have before, and then the other end plugged into the right channel of booth, on the back of the 1850, since the master doesn’t have any option for quarter inch. It is okay to use the booth as your master correct? And then I turn the volume knob up on my speaker and the booth volume knob up on the 1850 mixer, but no sound comes out of the speaker.

Sorry for my lengthy post. I hope everything above makes sense. I tried to write it step by step, so you knew exactly what I was doing and that might help you to trouble shoot what I am doing wrong.

Thank you so much for any help that you can provide, because I have a wedding coming up very soon, and I need to get all of this straight before then.

Thanks again, Scott

@PKtheDJ and @kradcliffe

You are needed

@stitmu grab the setup guides from the VDJ site and read those. That’s your starting point.

They will explain how to configure things.

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This is the link for the setup; https://www.virtualdj.com/manuals/hardware/denon/x1850.html . This will help you and if you are on Win 10 don’t forget to download the ASIO-driver. Remember that X-1850 act as soundcard. The SC6000 are only controllers.

Thank you PKtheDJ. As you suggested, I grabbed the setup guides from the VDJ site and read those. I did exactly what they said to do. Under setup, I did all of the connections, and then I updated the firmware (drivers weren’t necessary, since I am using a Mac). Then I followed all of the other directions (screenshots attached). However, I am confused about a couple of things. On the Sound Output on my computer, it says The selected device (1850) has no output controls. I have never seen a message like that before. And I am wondering if maybe that is part of the problem. With my old set-up, I used a behringer U-Control UCA202 Audio Interface, and never saw that message when I used that. Also, I am using Virtual DJ version 8.5.6 on a MAC OS Catalina Version 10.15.6, and under Audio Settings under outputs in the middle of the page, I have no option to choose Denon DJ 1850 Prime ASIO (ASIO), and out 3&4, out 5&6, out 1&2, and out 7&8, which is the way that Virtual DJ shows it under Audio Setup on Hardware Manual Page (screenshot attached). Under Audio Settings under outputs in the middle of the page on the version on my computer (see screenshot) the only option is X1850 and chan 3&4, chan 5&6, chan 1&2, and chan 7&8. No option to choose Denon DJ 1850 Prime ASIO (ASIO), and no option to choose the word “out” in front of the channels. I tested my microphone using the 1850 and my Bose speaker and it worked fine. The only thing I can’t get to come out of my speaker is the music, and I can’t figure out why.

Any suggestions on what else to try? Thanks so much! Scott